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Team GEPA - All Staff List

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Academic Affairs

  • Erica Lennard

    Erica Lennard

    Assistant Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs

  • Norienne Saign, PhD

    Norienne Saign, PhD

    Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
  • Sara Miceli

    Sara Miceli

    Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor

    Joint Doctoral & Professional Degree Programs

  • Eliese Maxwell

    Eliese Maxwell

    Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor

    PhD Degree Programs

  • Kelsey Darvin

    Kelsey Darvin

    Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor

    Academic Master's Degrees (MA, MS): Biological Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Structural Engineering, Scripps Institution of Oceanography 


  • Kimberly McCusker

    Kimberly McCusker

    Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor

    Academic Master's Degrees (MA, MS, MFA): School of Arts & Humanities, School of Physical Sciences, School of Social Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering Program, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department 

  • Karen Villavicencio

    Karen Villavicencio

    Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor

    Academic Master's Degrees (MA, MS): Bioengineering Department, Chemical Engineering Program, NanoEngineering Department, Computer Science and Engineering Department

  • Giulia Hoffmann

    Giulia Hoffmann

    Merkin Fellowship Program Manager


Dean's Office

Financial Support

Postdoctoral Scholar Affairs

Student Affairs

Student Employees

  • Ashley Casarez

    Ashley Casarez

    Graduate Intern - Grad Life
  • Matt Ford

    Matt Ford

    Graduate Intern - Black Graduate Experience Living & Learning Community (BGELLC)
  • Jovana Martín

    Jovana Martín

    Graduate Intern -  Outreach & Communications
  • Carolina Ramirez Moreno

    Carolina Ramirez Moreno

    Graduate Intern - Competitive Edge & Professional Development
  • Krystalyn-Rae Basa

    Krystalyn-Rae Basa

    Lead Student Assistant
  • April Chen

    April Chen

    Student Assistant
  • Paulina Medina

    Paulina Medina

    Student Assistant
  • Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen

    Student Assistant
  • Kimberly Wong

    Kimberly Wong

    Student Assistant, Postdoctoral Scholar Affairs
  • Consuelo Sauceda

    Consuelo Sauceda

    OAR² Graduate Intern, Outreach, Access, Recruitment, and Retention (OAR²)
  • Eden Wiggins

    Eden Wiggins

    OAR² Graduate Intern Program OAR² Graduate Intern, Black Resource Center (BRC)
  • Joy Werner

    Joy Werner

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Intern for the School of Global Policy and Strategy
  • Samantha Fong

    Samantha Fong

    Graduate Climate Intern – Jacobs School of Engineering
  • Cheron Laughing

    Cheron Laughing

    OAR² Graduate Intern, Intertribal Resource Center
  • Angad Kapoor

    Angad Kapoor

    Graduate Climate Intern - Rady School of Management
  • Evelyn Vasquez

    Evelyn Vasquez

    Social Outreach Intern for Graduate Students with Disabilities, Neurodivergence, and Chronic Illness
  • Julia Napoli

    Julia Napoli

    Graduate Climate Intern - Biological Sciences