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Asama Lekbua

OAR² Graduate Intern, Biological Sciences

I was born and raised in the South of Thailand but lived all over Thailand and the Northeast of the United States. I received a full-tuition scholarship to study biology and neuroscience as an undergrad, with a focus on the human microbiome at Northeastern University. Being in the biotech hub, I couldn't resist learning first-hand what it was like to help build microbiome-based companies, so I spent a few years in the industry doing just that before starting my PhD. Currently, I am a PhD student in Karsten Zengler's lab at the UCSD School of Medicine. My focus is on the skin microbiome, specifically innovating microbiology and bioinformatics tools to build a predictive model for the diverse human skin microbiome and to rationally design interventions that could help shape a healthy microbiome.
Asama's favorite thing to do is going to the dog beach with her kai ken, kokuto!