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Merkin Graduate Fellows Program

Merkin Graduate Fellows Program launching AY 2022-23

Established with the generous support of Dr. Richard Merkin, the Merkin Graduate Fellows Program provides UC San Diego graduate students with a novel opportunity to conduct innovative research in fields broadly related to translational medicine at academic and industry sites abroad. The interdisciplinary field of translational medicine unites research and practices within the pillars of what the European Society for Translational Medicine defines as the “benchside, bedside and community” to develop new, patient-centered approaches that enhance worldwide healthcare. Merkin Graduate Fellows will work with researchers and clinicians across the globe with the goal of driving bold, transformational advances in medical research and clinical applications, and at the same time impact the Fellows’ personal and professional futures.

Merkin Graduate Fellows will have the unique opportunity to design their own education abroad experience, proposing the length of the experience of between 3 and 6 months and the international site(s) at which they will conduct their research. Applicants may propose to work at an institution with which they or their PI/faculty advisor have an existing relationship, or they may propose to work collaboratively with the Merkin Fellowship Program Manager and their PI/faculty advisor to build a new connection that will facilitate their research at that site.

Merkin Graduate Fellows will be expected to provide regular updates on their research progress and education abroad experience as well as present at the annual Merkin Graduate Fellows Summit.

For more details, please contact: Giulia Hoffmann, Merkin Fellowship Program Manager.


The Merkin Graduate Fellows Program encourages applications from across campus with a primary focus on PhD and MD-PhD students from the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Jacobs School of Engineering, School of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Physical Sciences, and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences whose work falls broadly within the field of translational medicine. Fellows must be registered UC San Diego PhD or MD-PhD graduate students and must also be in good academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or above). For In Absentia eligibility, typically PhD/MD-PhD students must have advanced to candidacy by the time their travel abroad would commence. However, exceptions to this policy can be considered.

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed beginning October 1, 2022 to select the initial cohort of Merkin Graduate Fellows and will be considered on a rolling basis thereafter. Each application should consist of the following documents :
  • Merkin Graduate Fellows Program Application Form (coming soon!)
  • CV
  • Research proposal (max. 3 pages) describing the research to be performed, desired research site, length of education abroad (3 or 6 months), and project deliverable the applicant expects to achieve during their time abroad. Proposals should make a clear connection between the research topic and how the work performed will advance research, theory, and/or practice in the field of translational medicine. The research proposal may also indicate whether the proposed research is within the broader scope of the applicant’s overall thesis project. Applicants should pay particular attention to articulating the benefits of conducting their research at an international site, detailing how they expect this will enhance the quality of their research, its impact on medicine and healthcare, and their personal and professional growth.
  • Letter of nomination from the applicant's PI/faculty advisor indicating their support for the applicant's participation in this program. Nomination letters can be submitted as part of the application or via email to the Merkin Fellowship Program Manager.
  • Optional letter of support from proposed host research mentor, if applicable.

Program Expectations

Merkin Graduate Fellows will be expected to maintain satisfactory progress with their research and devote their full time to research on the approved topic. Fellows must also maintain regular contact with the Program Manager as well as participate in cohort virtual meetings while abroad. Fellows will be expected to submit a 2-page report outlining: a) the progress they made on the goals set forth in their proposals; and b) the impact of their experience living abroad on the quality of their research and the field of translational medicine, as well as on their personal and professional development. Fellows will also present on their experience at the annual Merkin Graduate Fellows Summit.



  • When is the deadline to submit my application? 
    • Applications will be accepted beginning August 15, 2022 and the first review date for applications will be October 1, 2022 to select the initial cohort of Merkin Graduate Fellows. Applications will then be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter. Please submit your application via the Merkin Graduate Fellows Program Application Form (coming soon!) at least one full quarter in advance of your proposed travel dates. 
  • How do I know that my application has been received? 
    • All submissions on the application website will be directed to the Merkin Fellowship Program Manager, and you will receive a confirmation message upon submitting your application. If you do not receive this after clicking “Submit,” or have other questions about your application, you may reach out to the Merkin Fellowship Program Manager at
  • What documents are required for a complete application?
    • Applicants must submit an application form (coming soon!), their CV, research proposal, and a letter of support from their PI/faculty mentor for an application to be considered complete. Including a letter of support from your proposed host research mentor is optional, but would strengthen your application.
  • Are there campus writing resources I can use as I’m writing my application?
    • Yes! The Writing Hub offers writing workshops and individual consultations, where they can help you with any stage of your writing process and provide feedback on your documents. You can learn more about their resources for graduate students and book a consultation on their website.
  • How can I find an institution or research collaborator abroad to host me as I conduct my research? Can I do research abroad without a host affiliation?
    • All Fellows must have a host country and specific host site identified. The proposed host site may vary and can include universities, laboratories, policy-making organizations, industry, etc.
    • Applicants may propose to work at an academic or industry site with which they or their PI have an existing relationship. In this case, prior to submitting your application, you should contact the potential hosting research mentor to discuss the proposed work and receive confirmation of their support to host you for this opportunity.
    • Alternately, applicants may create a new research partnership in collaboration with your PI/faculty mentor. Conducting a search of existing agreements UC San Diego has with international universities and other organizations on the International Agreements Database may provide some ideas on institutions you may want to partner with. The Merkin Fellowship Program Manager can provide support to you and your PI/faculty mentor in establishing this new research partnership.
  • Can I apply if I will have graduated by the time my travel abroad will commence? 
    • Students who will have had their degrees conferred prior to their proposed date of travel are ineligible for this program.
  • What research policies and procedures should I consider as I plan my proposal?
    • Fellows are responsible for following regulations and applicable policies specific to their proposed host site/country, including but not limited to research ethics, intellectual property, and confidentiality practices. It is strongly recommended that you research these guidelines early on, as some procedural arrangements and agreements can take time to secure.
    • General information, policies, and resources on conducting research abroad can be found on the university’s International Research and Engagement page
    • The Office of Innovation and Commercialization provides Guidelines for Conducting International Research with regard to patent and intellectual property protections. If you anticipate any new intellectual property arising from your proposed research abroad experience, or an invention disclosure needs to be submitted for a project you will continue abroad, please contact the OIC.
    • If there will be any material transfers taking place, you must secure a  Material Transfer Agreement prior to your departure/transfer of materials.
    • If your project will involve human subjects, you must receive IRB approval prior to your departure and remain in compliance with IRB regulations as stipulated by the UC San Diego Office of IRB Administration
    • Make sure to review Export Control guidelines and contact their office if their review will be needed.
    • If your proposed site is in private industry, please review the university’s Conflict of Interest policies for graduate students and provide any necessary disclosures.
    • If you anticipate a co-authored publication arising from the research you propose to conduct at the host institution, it is recommended that you create a written authorship agreement with the proposed research mentor early in the process, ideally before your travel commences.
  • I don’t have a passport. Can I still apply?
    • Yes, you are still eligible to apply. However, it can take several months for the State Department to process passport applications, so we recommend that if you need to renew your passport or apply for a new one, you propose a timeline for travel that includes a departure date that is at least 5 months from your planned application submission date. In order to commence travel, awardees must have a passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months plus the total travel time (e.g. if you are proposing a 3 month experience abroad, your passport must not expire for at least 9 months after your departure date).
  • I applied for a Merkin Graduate Fellowship previously and was not selected. Can I apply again?
    • Yes, you may apply to the Merkin Graduate Fellows Program again, as long as you continue to meet the Fellowship eligibility requirements.


  • What kinds of proposals will be funded? 
    • Competitive research proposals will focus on a topic broadly related to translational medicine and clearly specify the ways in which conducting this research at the desired site abroad will enhance the applicant’s contributions to the field as well as their intellectual, personal, and professional growth.
  • How much funding does the program provide? 
    • A stipend award of $3,085/month for a fellowship term of 3 to 6 months abroad will be provided and is intended to cover all expenses directly related and essential to the proposed research abroad experience, including travel and living costs. The fellowship award will also include funding for the departure and return flight to the destination country. In Absentia tuition and fees will be paid directly by the fellowship. The Merkin Graduate Fellowship stipend counts as taxable income and must be reported to the IRS.
  • Is any additional funding available for Fellows?
    • While the fellowship award is intended to cover costs associated with travel and living expenses during the research abroad experience, costs of living vary per capita and/or other individual circumstances may occasionally justify an increase in the stipend level. If your proposed research abroad experience has exceptional costs, you may provide a detailed justification on your application for consideration of a higher stipend level above the default award package.

International Students

  • Can international students apply? 
    • Yes, international graduate students are eligible for the Merkin Graduate Fellows Program.
  • What steps should I take if I am an international student and plan to apply to the Merkin Graduate Fellows Program? 
    • International students are encouraged to begin preparing early if they are interested in conducting research abroad as a Merkin Graduate Fellow, and should discuss their plans with an advisor at the International Students & Programs Office. ISPO has additional information on how international students should prepare to study abroad on their website.

Other Considerations

  • I have a disability. What resources are available to Merkin Graduate Fellows? 
    • If you anticipate needing accommodations in order to participate in research abroad, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) as soon as possible. Contact your disability specialist directly if you are already working with the office. Otherwise, please call 858-534-4382 or email and schedule an interactive intake appointment with a disability specialist.
  • Who should I contact about additional questions or concerns?