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Academic Affairs | Student FAQ

General Questions

Where can I find official communication/letters from GEPA?

You can log into the Graduate Student Portal at

How do I submit a leave of absence / half-time / in absentia form?

You can access all of these online forms in the Graduate Student Portal at

How do I submit a request to constitute my master’s or doctoral committee?

Please work with your department/program graduate coordinator. The online submission tool is only available to staff.

How do I pay the filing fee / readmission fee / doctoral advancement to candidacy fee?

Fees are assessed directly to your student account after the applicable form has been processed by GEPA. Fees are assessed at the beginning of each month.

I need confirmation that I completed my degree. How can I receive confirmation prior to receiving my  diploma or official transcript?  

All  students will receive a congratulatory letter from the Graduate Dean notifying them of their degree completion. The timing of the letter is determined by a few factors. 

  • All final degree forms and requirements must be confirmed and accepted by the GEPA Academic Affairs advisor. 
  • The student’s registration status in the quarter of filing the degree  
    • students who are not registered may receive their letter sooner as there are no grades pending
    • students who are registered must have all grades posted
  • Typically, students receive their letter by email approximately 2-4 weeks after the end of the quarter if all forms are received and all grades are posted. (*Spring quarter degree letters may take longer due to the amount of Spring graduates)

Please contact your GEPA Academic Affairs advisor with any questions. 

Academic Standing / Probation Questions

My GPA is below 3.0 and I received a letter from GEPA stating that I am on probation. What should I do?

  • If there is no hold on your registration then this is a warning letter. You need to focus on improving your academic performance (check in with your faculty advisor/s to work out an academic plan  ). As long as you continue to improve you will be able to continue registering. 
  • If there is a hold on your registration, see the question/answer below.

I have a hold on my registration due to my probation status. How do I get the hold removed?

Please work with your faculty advisor and your program’s graduate coordinator. They will need to submit a letter to the GEPA dean outlining an academic plan for improvement.

I had an incorrect grade recorded and a hold was placed on my registration. The grade is now corrected. How do I get the hold removed?

Contact your program’s graduate coordinator; they can follow up with the appropriate GEPA staff member who can remove the hold. 

Committee Constitution Questions (for thesis and dissertations)

Where can I find the rules on committee constitution?

How do I submit a request to constitute my master’s or doctoral committee?

Please work with your department’s graduate coordinator. The online submission tool is only available to staff. 

Can I include a faculty member from another university on my committee?

Please check with your faculty advisor first, for his/her approval, and then work with your program’s graduate coordinator. Professors from other universities may be eligible to serve as extra members (5th members on PhD committees or 4th members on master’s committees). 

How do I submit a request for an exception to the committee rules?

Please work with your program’s graduate coordinator and your faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor may need to write a letter explaining the need for the exception; your coordinator will upload the letter to the online committee tool. The exception request will be reviewed by the GEPA dean/associate dean.

Doctoral Advancement to Candidacy Questions

I have a hold for not advancing to doctoral candidacy but I passed the exam. When will the hold be removed?

Please work with your program’s graduate coordinator to see what the status of the advancement form is in DocuSign. It may be missing faculty signatures. Once the form is signed completely and is in GEPA’s queue, the hold will be removed within a day or two. GEPA is aware of the various deadlines and works hard to remove holds as quickly as possible once we receive the form.

I am an international student who has advanced to doctoral candidacy/or will advance soon; when will I be eligible for the non-resident supplemental tuition reduction?

  • Once you’ve advanced to doctoral candidacy (the form has been fully processed by GEPA and the Registrar’s Office), the supplemental tuition reduction is effective in the next quarter of registration. For example, advancement during Fall quarter results in the reduction for Winter quarter. 
  • If your form is received by GEPA on (or before) the 1st day of instruction, the tuition reduction is effective for that quarter. Please allow a few days for the Registrar’s office to make the adjustment on your billing account. 
  • Please contact your program’s graduate coordinator if you have any questions.

Can I complete my doctoral advancement to candidacy/qualifying exam during the summer?

Yes, if your committee approves of it. The advancement will be recorded as a Fall advancement (the Office of the Registrar does not record advancements in the summer except for EdD students). You must be enrolled in Fall quarter in order for the advancement form to be processed.