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Fellowships and Traineeships

Welcome to the Graduate Division’s Fellowship page. This page lists some of the most renowned extramural fellowships as well as opportunities for entering graduate students

If you have any questions about the fellowships posted on this page, please reach out to the Graduate Fellowship Advisor at gradadvisor@ucsd.edu. For more information about upcoming fellowship opportunities for current graduate students please subscribe to the Grad Funding Blog

Determining Which On-Campus Office To Apply Through

Please note that the Graduate Division helps in the submission process of certain fellowship applications. An application will be processed through Graduate Division if the applicant is a single-degree seeking student enrolled in a graduate program. However, students enrolled in a professional degree program (i.e. PharmD, PharmD/PhD, or MD/PhD program) will need to contact Health Sciences Sponsored Project Pre-Award Office (HSSPPO). 

If an applicant meets the above criteria and the submission requires an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) to approve, sign, or submit an application on the applicant’s behalf, please route the application to gradadvisor@ucsd.edu

Please find additional resources to search for fellowships below: