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General Application Questions

How does the admission process work at UC San Diego?

Applicants for graduate study at UC San Diego fill out an online application through Required documents, including transcripts, statements of purpose, supplementary information, and department-specific materials, are uploaded by the applicant onto the online application. For more information about the application process please view our Admissions Requirements and Procedures. The application is first reviewed by the department, and then reviewed by the Graduate Division.

Applicants interested in attending UC San Diego School of Medicine, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, or the Rady School of Management’s MBA program should contact their school of interest directly for information on how to apply.

Can I apply to more than one program?

Yes. You may apply to more than one program at UC San Diego. You may not apply to more than one program within the same department.

Your application fee or fee waiver will allow you to submit an application to as many as three departments during the same application term.

How do I apply for a second or third program without paying the application fee?

Winter 2020/Spring 2020 Applicants:

Submit your first application with the fee or fee waiver. For additional applications, re-enter the application website with the same username and password. Click on “Create new Application”. Change the major code and other information for the new department/major. You will be asked to provide your Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and Education history within each application.

After completing the additional application(s), click on submit. You will not be asked to pay the application fee for the additional application(s).

Summer 2020/Fall 2020 Applicants:

Submit your first application with the fee or fee waiver. For additional applications, re-enter the application website with the same username and password. Click on “Start New Application”. 

In the Request Fee Waiver section of your application, check off the option "I would like to request a Fee Waiver", followed by the option "2nd or 3rd application". After completing the additional application(s), submit your application. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified of approval.

Why are there separate instructions for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 applicants and Winter 2020/Spring 2020 applicants?

UC San Diego’s Graduate Division is currently transitioning to a different application system. Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 applications are hosted on a separate application website from Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 applications. Applicants applying to Fall or Summer programs will use our new application. Applicants applying to Winter or Spring programs will use Grad Apply.

For more information regarding program start terms, please refer to our department directory.

Did you get my application?

You can check the status of your application by returning to the application website and logging in to your account.  If your application status says “Submitted”, then your application has been received.

How can I check my application status?

You can check your status by logging onto

What changes can I make to my application?

The following areas of the application can be added to and/or updated online after submission: contact information, transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Please contact your department directly for any other changes and/or additions to your application. Department contact information is listed on our website.

How long will it take to make a decision on my application?

The admissions response time varies by department. Applications are reviewed at the departmental level by admissions committees. Decisions are made throughout the year. Some departments include information regarding the status of their decision process on their website. The official notification of admission will come from the Graduate Admissions office. Your Application Status page will update as soon as a decision has been made.

How will I be notified of the decision?

Once a decision has been made, an email will be sent from the Dean of the Graduate Division to the email address provided in the application. The email will direct you to the decision letter. Please note that the decision cannot be given over the telephone. To view your decision status online, please log into your account at

If I decide not to submit my application, how can I delete it?

The application cannot be deleted. As long as you do not submit your application, the department will not be able to review it.

I already have a Masters or PhD. Can I apply for a duplicate degree?

Normally, duplication of advanced academic degrees—MA, MS, PhD—is not permitted. A duplicate academic degree is one at the same level (e.g., a second master’s degree or second PhD), regardless of the discipline or the specialization awarding the degree. A professional degree at the master’s or doctoral level (e.g., AuD, DMA, EdD, MAS, MBA, MCEPA, MD, MEd, MEng, MF, MFA, MIA, MPP, PharmD) is not regarded as a duplicate of an academic degree.

Students who already hold an advanced academic degree may be admitted to UC San Diego to pursue a second advanced academic degree at the same level only under limited circumstances, and only with the consent of the Graduate Council.

If you hold an advanced degree and are unsure if it is at the same level as the degree for which you will be applying, please email us at

I received my Master's degree from UC San Diego and now I would like to apply to a PhD program. What is the process?

Contact the department you are considering. They will assist you through the readmission process. Since you have already attended UC San Diego as a registered graduate student, do not apply using the online application. This is for initial admission to UC San Diego only.

Does UC San Diego have a transfer policy for graduate students?

No, there is no separate application for students interested in transferring to UCSD from another institution. You will need to use the online application . It is recommended that you contact your department of interest before applying.

Can I transfer some of my credits to UC San Diego?

Please refer to our policy on Transferring Credits.

Can I enroll in individual graduate courses without being an admitted graduate student?

It may be possible to enroll in individual graduate level courses through UC San Diego Extension’s Concurrent Enrollment program. 

Please visit the UC San Diego Extension website or call (858) 534-3400 for more information.

I want to begin courses immediately. Does UC San Diego admit students every quarter?

The majority of departments admit students for the fall quarter only with applications typically submitted one year in advance. For admission information specific to your department of interest, please visit the department’s website.