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Transferring Credit

  • No more than one-half the total units required for a master's degree may be transferred.
  • A student may petition to transfer courses completed while in graduate standing at another UC campus (including UC San Diego Extension) for up to one half the total master's degree unit requirement, a maximum of eight quarter units of work completed while in graduate standing (i.e. matriculated into a graduate degree program) at an institution other than UC may be transferred. In any case, no more than a total of one half of the units required for the master's degree may be transfer units.
  • Eligible course work may not have been used to fulfill the requirements of any other degree, and must have been completed with a B- or better grade and must have been taken prior to enrollment as a graduate student at UC San Diego.
  • A student must submit proof that the course work to be transferred was not used to satisfy requirements for any other degree program. Degree checks or a letter from the institution from which the courses are being transferred will be required stating the courses were not used toward another degree.
  • Official transcripts of transfer course work must accompany the petition OR be on file at Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • Under no circumstances will transferred work be included in calculating a student's GPA nor will it appear by class on the transcript.