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Graduate Program Reviews

As part of the continuing, critical analyses of academic programs and student learning at UC San Diego the Academic Senate performs scheduled program reviews to ensure superior educational quality throughout the campus. 

All graduate programs are reviewed by a committee every eight years. The Division of Graduate Education & Postdoctoral Affairs will work closely with the graduate program for committee selection, self-study preparation, and site visit logistics. 

Following the site visit, the review committee submits a written report that is reviewed by the graduate program, student representatives, campus administration, and Graduate Council. The graduate program and student representatives respond to the external committee report, and this response is shared with administration and Graduate council. A final wrap-up meeting and Graduate Council follow-up complete the process. If the review is combined with the undergraduate program, the Division of Undergraduate Education will also participate in the planning and completion of the combined Undergraduate & Graduate Programs review for a given department (see documentation below).

Program Review Cycle Flowchart
Full Guidelines are provided below for the Combined Department Reviews, Graduate Program Reviews, and Joint Doctoral Program Reviews. For any questions regarding the program review process, please contact the Academic Affairs Program Coordinator or Assistan Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs.

Program Review Guidelines

Combined Undergrad & Grad Reviews


Graduate Program Only Reviews


Joint Doctoral Program Reviews


Self-Supporting Program Review Guidelines

SSP Reviews


3-Year Initial SSP Reviews


Program Review Schedule

The schedule is tentative. Units should be prepared to have a review within 1-2 years of the dates noted below.


Department Combined Reviews (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Department of Economics

Department of Sociology

Department of Cognitive Science

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Program Reviews (Graduate Only)

JDP Education Studies

Materials Science and Engineering

Science Studies Program

JDP Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use (IRSU)


Department Combined Reviews (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Department of Bioengineering

Department of Communication

Department of Philosophy

Global Health Program

Graduate Program Reviews (Graduate Only)

MAS Architecture-based Enterprise Systems Engineering (AESE)

JDP Biology

JDP Clinical Psychology

MAS Clinical Research (CLRE)

2024/2025 (Tentative)

Department Combined Reviews (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Ethnic Studies

Department of Mathematics

Department of Structural Engineering

Latin American Studies Program (LAS)

Graduate Program Reviews (Graduate Only)

JDP Language and Communicative Disorders (LCD)

JDP Public Health

2025/2026 (Tentative)

Department Combined Reviews (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Department of Linguistics

Department of Physics

Department of Music

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Visual Arts

Graduate Program Reviews (Graduate Only)

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB)

Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering (CSME)

Rady School of Management

2026/2027 (Tentative)

Department Combined Reviews (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Department of Political Science

Scripps Institute of Oceanogrophy (SIO)

School of Biological Sciences

Department of Literature

Department of Psychology