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Academic Standing & Probation

Good Academic Standing

Good academic standing is determined by meeting departmental and graduate studies standards; a GPA of 3.0 or above, in upper-division, graduate and professional course work; satisfactory spring evaluation; and having no more than a total of eight units of "F" and/or "U" grades. Some departments specify more stringent grade requirements.

Good Academic Standing is a requirement for:

  1. Holding academic and staff appointments.
  2. Receiving fellowship, scholarship, or traineeship appointments.
  3. Advancing to candidacy for a graduate degree.
  4. Participating in UC Intercampus Exchange or SDSU exchange programs. 
  5. Going on a leave of absence.
  6. Obtaining a graduate degree from UC San Diego. 

Graduate students who are not in good academic standing for any reason are subject to probation and/or disqualification from further graduate study.

Probation Process

Graduate students who do not meet the requirements for good academic standing are notified of their poor academic standing by a letter from the Dean of the Graduate Division. Letters are available to students via the Graduate Division’s Student Portal and to staff via the Student Database.  

If it is a student's first instance of academic difficulty and the GPA is above 2.0, the letter serves as a warning and advises the student of the academic situation,  its consequences, and the next steps.

In subsequent quarters if the student:

  • Raises the GPA above a 3.0, no further action is taken
  • Raises the GPA but not to a 3.0, student may have probation extended either by Graduate Division decision or by request of the program faculty with a plan for improvement
  • Shows no change, then student may have probation extended either by Graduate Division decision or by request of the program faculty with a plan for improvement; however, this is dependent on the overall GPA
  • Lowers the GPA further, a hold is placed on the student's registration
Depending on the student's academic progress during the quarter following an academic probation notice, the Dean of the Graduate Division will advise the student of any further academic action via letter posted to the Graduate Division’s Student Portal. Staff access is through the Student Database .

Any student with more than 8 units of "U" and/or "F" grades or a GPA less than a 2.0 will have a hold placed on his/her registration for the next available quarter.

Note: due to the processing of grades after the next quarter has begun, registration holds are usually placed on the 2nd quarter after the problem arises (i.e. Fall quarter problem, registration hold placed on Spring registration. During the Summer, however, registration holds may be placed on students for Fall quarter.

Regardless of the severity of the problem, students are advised to maintain communication with the department. It is the department and student's responsibility to monitor the student's quarterly academic progress.