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Admitted Student Questions

I just accepted the offer of admission, what do I do next?

Please see the Admitted Student page for your next steps.  

When will I receive my financial aid package?

For questions on financial aid, please contact the department you were admitted to.  

My admit status is "Provisional." What does that mean?

“Provisional” indicates that there are documents or requirements that are still pending in order to complete the admission process. You are officially admitted and can register for your first quarter classes.  However, failure to provide the required documentation will result in a hold on future registration.

I have been offered admission to UC San Diego. When is the deadline to submit my decision?

Decision deadlines may vary by department or program. Below you will find decision guidelines:

  • Fall Quarter: 
    For applicants admitted before March 25, the Graduate Intent to Register decision is due by April 15th. Applicants admitted after March 25th must submit the decision within three weeks of the date printed on the Certificate of Admission.
  • Winter, Spring and Summer Quarters:
    The Graduate Intent to Register is due within three weeks of the date printed on the Certificate of Admission

Can I extend the deadline for my admission decision?

Contact the department to which you applied to request an extension. 

Does UC San Diego permit admitted students to defer?

Applicants who are admitted but are unable to register for the quarter to which they were admitted, may request to defer admission to the following year or another quarter within the same academic year.  The department must pre-approve the deferral request. A deferral is not a guarantee of admission for a later term. The deferred application will be considered along with the next year's applicant pool.

To activate the application for admission in the subsequent quarter or academic year, the applicant must notify the department and submit a Statement of Activities and official transcripts for any academic work taken since the original application was submitted.  No application fee will be required.

Deferred application files are retained for approximately one year from the quarter to which the applicant was admitted.  Deferred applicants are allowed one reactivation of the application.

Department contact information can be obtained on our website.

Does UC San Diego permit admitted students to decline even after accepting admission?

Yes, you may decline after accepting admission.  The application site will not allow you to change your decision from “Accept” to “Decline”, so you must contact your department directly to inform them of the change in your decision.

Does UC San Diego hold a visit day for admitted Graduate Students?

The Graduate Division does not hold a visit day for all admits, but many departments do. We recommend reaching out to your department directly about visit days. Department contact information is listed on our website.