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Annual Grad SLAM Competition

Find Your Voice

Graduate students can participate in this annual public speaking competition showcasing the potential impact of their research and winning cash prizes.

Compete in Grad SLAM

Learn to communicate the impact of your research in three minutes or less and win prizes.

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Grad SLAM competition

Grad SLAM 2021 will be All Virtual!

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Can you present your research in just 3 minutes?

Grad SLAM is an annual competitive public speaking event that gives graduate students the chance to showcase the impact of your research. Bring your work to the forefront for a live audience to share what you already know, that your research is cutting-edge, breaking barriers, and has the potential to change the world.

Not only will you master the skill of delivering your academic story in a dynamic way, but winners will also take home prizes ranging from $100 to $5,000. Grad SLAM will propel your professional communication skills to new heights-- your research is important, now it’s your turn to tell us why!

Participant Resources

Preparation Assistance

Workshop and coaching information to help you get ready for your presentation

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Additional Resources

Learn how to tell your research story, prep an excellent presentation, and build public speaking confidence.

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2019 Grad SLAM Campus Champion

Congratulations to Angela Nicholson a PhD student in Biological Sciences, who represented UC San Diego at the UC Systemwide Final Round in San Francisco with her research talk entitled "RNA Regulation: The Tail Wagging the Dogma".

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Angela Nicholson Photo