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Grad SLAM Preparation Resources

2024 Workshops & Coaching

2024 Grad SLAM Information Sessions

These virtual sessions provide an overview of Grad SLAM 2024, tips on how to get started, and strategies for connecting with past participants to learn from their experiences.  

  • Wednesday, January 17th at 11am PST (RSVP)
  • Thursday, January 25th at 2pm PST (RSVP)
  • Tuesday, January 30th at 9am PST (RSVP)

 Information session recording available on the GEPA YouTube Channel

2024 Support & Coaching Sessions

Drop-In Coaching from the Center for Student Involvement

Coaching sessions are drop-in spaces for participants to work on their presentations, receive and give feedback on research talks, and build confidence as they prepare for Grad SLAM. Bring your slide!

iLead Workshops: 

iLead is a drop-in workshop program on various communication and leadership topics, the following sessions would be especially useful for students preparing for Grad SLAM

Writing Hub Winter 2024 Workshops: 

These workshops will explore useful strategies for connecting your highly-specialized research to more general audiences. 

  • Telling a Scientific Story: The best academic writing blends the technical details of the research with a compelling story for the reader to follow. In this workshop, we'll explore strategies for writing scientific papers through telling a research story. We will discuss ways your research involves characters in motion, and practice putting together a research story plot for your reader. | Friday, February 9th, 2pm PST | RSVP Here
  • Connecting with Non-Expert AudiencesThroughout your academic career, you will be asked to communicate complex information to non-experts. Non-experts means academics from other fields, students, industry professionals or policy makers, and the public. In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for simplifying complex information to connect with audiences outside your field of expertise. | Friday, March 8th at 2pm PST | RSVP Here

Ongoing Support at the Writing Hub

Grad SLAM participants can get ongoing, individualized support from the Graduate Writing Consultants at the Writing Hub.  Writing Consultants can help you think through and articulate your ideas thoughtfully.  Consultants are available for 30 and 60 minute one-on-one appointments, Sunday through Friday.  Make an appointment at