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Raza Resource Centro

Raza Resource Centro Mural

The Raza Resource Centro exists because of a strong student, staff, and faculty activist movement aimed at establishing a more inclusive campus. The Raza Resource Centro team is committed to student success and works collectively to meet the needs of students. The Centro is a lively space where students study, meet, write, get tutoring, and most importantly are in community. It is a space where Latina/o Chicana/o organizations hold meetings, events and where cultura, arte, and academics interconnect. The Raza Resource Centro offers programs around:

  • Peer Counseling
  • Student internships and programs
  • Research and conference preparation
  • Woman’s group collective
  • 1st year and transfer student transition day
  • Weekly writing collective
  • Math and Science Tutoring
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Real world Success Series
  • Career Success Series
  • Prospective student overnight track

The Raza Resource Centro offers students:

  • Computer Lab
  • Chicana/o library
  • Lobby area
  • Kitchen with fridge and microwave
  • Conference room
  • Professional support staff

For more information, visit the Raza Resource Centro website.