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LGBT Resource Center

LGBT Resource Center


The LGBT Resource Center at UCSD is a diverse, open and public space for all members of the university community to explore issues relating to sexual and gender identities, practices and politics. It develops student leadership, builds workplace equity, promotes academic research, and provides resources. The Center challenges existing definitions of variant genders and sexualities by engaging in community building on- and off-campus. This Center sustains and develops visibility, sense of community, and knowledge of diverse queer people. (Adopted October 7, 2001)


The vision of the LGBT Resource Center is to be an essential part of creating community at UC San Diego. The LGBT Resource Center will:

  • reflect the diversities of our communities
  • engage across differences
  • connect, retain and sustain students, staff, faculty and alumni
  • be well and whole

through community solidarity.


The LGBT Resource Center values:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Social Justice

For more information, visit the LGBT Resource Center website.