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Updates to TA Loan and Fee Deferment Programs

GEPA TA Loan Program

Effective Fall 2023, the Graduate Student TA Loan Program is discontinued.  New loan requests should be submitted via the Short-Term Loan process.

GEPA has made the decision to align with the other UC campuses and meet this existing need through the Short-Term Loan that is facilitated by Financial Aid Services. By consolidating the efforts of both our offices we are able to provide this loan service on a quarterly basis during the academic year rather than just once per year. The Short-Term loan is also not contingent on having graduate academic employment, making it available to the broader graduate student population. 

Full details on the Short-Term Loan can be found on the Financial Aid Services website here:



GEPA TA Fee Deferment Program

Effective Fall 2023, the TA Fee Deferment program is discontinued. 

The TA Fee Deferment program previously allowed graduate students appointed at a minimum of 25% for the entire quarter, to pay the balance of their registration fees (excluding nonresident supplemental tuition) through payroll deduction. 

Per the current ASE/BX Bargaining Agreement, partial fee remission will cover 100% of campus fees in the affected graduate employment titles, effective for academic year 2023-2024.


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