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About Us

OAR² aims to increase the participation and success of all students, including students who come from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in graduate education, such as students of color in all disciplines and women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), as for all students. 


The office of Outreach, Access, Recruitment, and Retention (written as OAR² or OAR^2, and pronounced as “O-A-R squared”) is the fulfillment of a commitment made by Dean James Antony in 2020. Housed within the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, OAR² staff develop initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing the university's graduate and professional student diversity.

Get to know us and what we do

Meet the OAR² Team

Our student-centered team leads programming designed to provide support systems for our UC San Diego graduate students and make graduate education accessible for prospective students.

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OAR² Programs and Initiatives

Our programs and initiatives provide opportunities for students to gain a supportive community, mentorship, research experiences, and summer programming.

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