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Leadership & Teamwork Certificate

2022 Info Session

Join us online for an information session about the grAdvantage Leadership and Teamwork Certificate Program on Tuesday, October 25th at 12pm (PT).

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Info Session Recording

Learn what makes the Leadership & Teamwork Certificate Program unique, top skills that are developed, and how to apply by watching this recorded webinar.

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"Defining What Student-Centered Means at UC San Diego" Project Sponsor Reflection

“Our grAdvantage team was integral in looking at student, staff, and faculty input to help define what student-centeredness looks like at UC San Diego. The team utilized innovative approaches to analyze the comments from our IdeaWave campaign, which in turn helped to inform the questions asked of students during focus groups. Their synthesis of all collected qualitative data was valuable as we drafted versions of a student-centeredness statement to share with campus leadership.”