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Laura Becerra

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

I am a 4th year PhD student conducting research in both the electrical engineering and nano engineering departments at UCSD. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego and knew that I wanted to further my education after attending my first research conference. Initially wanting to be a medical doctor, my newfound passion for engineering was what inspired my desire to contribute to the medical field, but through medical technology and innovation. I hope to use my research in haptic materials and flexible sensors to contribute to the healthcare world and eventually use this background knowledge to pursue a career in the biotechnology industry. I am eager to work in research and development as a professional, using the skills and experiences I obtained throughout my graduate career. None of this would be possible without the fellowships I received, namely the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, the ECE Department First Year Fellowship, and the ARCS Foundation Fellowship. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to use my engineering skills to improve access to medical care for the general public.