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When You Arrive on Campus

Pick-up your student ID

All students enrolled for the current school quarter are entitled to a Triton ID Card. This is your official university ID card, and you are issued just one active card.

Update your contact information on Triton Link

Please make sure to keep your contact information up to date on Triton Link.

Attend the Graduate Division Orientation

There will be two orientation sessions for Fall 2019: September 10th & 11th. For more information, please see the Grad Life website.

Check-in with your department and attend their orientation if applicable

Some departments and programs host their own orientation.  Contact your department for more information.

Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention and Resource Training

The mandatory training, Campus Clarity:Think About It  will be available on August 27th. Please look for an announcement and invitation to the course in your email account. The course is hosted externally, and the invitation will come from All students are required to take this online course. The course will give you the tools to identify, prevent and report sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.

The course must be completed by November 2nd.  If you do not complete the course by the deadline, a hold will be placed on your registration for Winter quarter.