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Readmission (to the same program)

  • A student, not on an approved leave of absence, whose status has lapsed due to an interruption in registration, must petition for readmission.
  • Student obtains a General Petition for readmission from the program and must pay a readmission fee at the Cashier’s office ($105). Submit the General Petition, with the readmit fee paid, to the Graduate Division’s Academic Affairs unit.
  • Students must submit supplementary transcripts of all academic work undertaken since last enrollment at UC San Diego.
  • A Statement of Legal Residence is required by the Office of the Registrar for any student returning from an absence of two or more quarters.
  • The program may be required to submit a request for re-calculation of time limits if the student is a returning doctoral student.
  • After an absence in excess of 3 quarters, previous doctoral candidates may be required to re-advance to candidacy ($50).
  • Petitioners must have been in good academic standing (GPA 3.0 or higher with no more than 8 units of U or F) at time of withdrawal.

Readmission (to a different program)

  • Students who have previously enrolled in a graduate program at UC San Diego must also go through the readmission process if they wish to begin a different graduate program. This process is coordinated by the new program, the original program, and the Graduate Division’s Academic Affairs unit.
  • Students should contact the program of interest to check the requirements for readmission. Programs may choose to have students apply for readmission by using Grad Apply in order to review the application materials along with all other applicants. After the application is complete, the readmit candidate is directed to inform the program in lieu of submitting the application and paying the application fee.
  • Regardless of whether Grad Apply is used, once the program decides to readmit the student, the final step is to submit a completed General Petition to the Graduate Division’s Academic Affairs unit (with the readmission fee of $105 paid). The General Petition is obtained from the new program.
  • The new program may be required to submit a request for re-calculation of time limits if the student is entering a doctoral program.

Withdrawn Student Returning to Defend

  • A withdrawn student who returns only to defend and submit the dissertation may need to reconstitute the doctoral committee and will need to pay the following fees:
    • Readmission fee
    • (Re)advancement fee if the original advancement was more than 5 years ago
    • Filing fee, in lieu of registration
  • Students are advised to discuss and coordinate the above with their graduate coordinator well in advance of the scheduled defense.