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Margret-Lindleman.jpgTell us a bit about your background: I am originally from New York and studied earth and oceanographic science at Bowdoin College in Maine. As an undergraduate student, I became interested in the contribution of ice sheet-ocean interactions to global sea-level rise and did fieldwork in Greenland with a team from New York University. That led me to UC San Diego to do a doctorate in physical oceanography with Professor Fiamma Straneo at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

What are you studying/researching? My group's research on ice-ocean interactions in Greenland is inherently interdisciplinary, and the newly-launched Scripps Polar Center makes UC San Diego an ideal place to collaborate with scientists in related fields. Observing these interactions requires creativity because ice can be dangerous or create a physical barrier to accessing the ocean. During fieldwork in Greenland, I have ridden over sea ice on a dogsled and used an auger to make ocean measurements beneath the floating ice and used a remote-controlled kayak to make measurements of the ocean close to large icebergs.

Discuss your involvement in the UC San Diego community: I enjoy being involved on campus as a peer mentor and love meeting with school groups, both locally and over video chat, to talk about my work in Greenland, my experience of becoming a scientist, and the science of oceanography and climate change. I am funded by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG).