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Describe your background: I am originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. At 18, I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to study marine biology, physics, mathematics and ocean sciences at Dalhousie University. For my undergraduate thesis, I studied how oceanographic water masses influenced the zooplankton community size structure.
Describe your area of research/ what program or department you are under at UC San Diego: I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Oceanography (focused in Applied Ocean Sciences). My research interests lie at the intersection of acoustics and geophysics, robotics, marine animals, and the sustainable management of natural resources. For my Ph.D. thesis, I am using passive acoustics and optical imaging to identify the sounds of recreationally important fish species and to locate their spawning areas. I plan to graduate in 2020.

Describe your involvement in the UC San Diego community: 

In my third year, I founded the SIO Graduate Student Council to represent and advance the interests of all graduate students (i.e., MAS, MS, and Ph.D.) at SIO. The Council is a conduit for aggregating and representing all SIO graduate student voices to the SIO faculty, the SIO Department, the Graduate Student Association and the University of California San Diego.
Why did you choose UC San Diego?: At the age of 13, I told my parents that I wanted to be a Ph.D. student Scripps Institution of Oceanography discovering how to talk to dolphins
What has been your favorite part of your graduate student experience here?: Walking down the stairs towards my office with the sun shining, the palm trees and ocean in the background is a dream come true. Even in the hardest of times, I have to pinch myself and remember that it's real life.