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Meet Yuanxin Yun

Tell us a bit about your background: I'm from Shanghai, China and I got my bachelor's degree at Shanghai International Studies University major in International Economics. Before I was enrolled in this program, I worked for two years in PwC as an auditor. I consider my work experience as a starting point of my career adventures and would love to learn more about finance by a MFin program to help me shifting my career goal to finance industry. Besides, I'm really curious about quantitative side of Finance and Quantitative finance has been such an attractive topic for me.  Combining empirical method to real finance world, Rady became my best choice.

What are you studying/researching? In UC San Diego, I take a master degree in Finance. I really enjoy studying risk management course taught by Professor Rossen Valkanov. And I'm considering shift my career to risk management with a focus on primary market. In order to achieve that goal, I plan to take FRM Level 1 exam in May.

Tell us about your professional experience and campus involvement at UC San Diego: As a member of Finance Club at Rady Business School. I participated in abundant sharing webinar and learned lots of real world experience and interest topics in Finance like behavior finance, value investing and economy forecast. Besides, I am also an admissions ambassador candidate in Rady. I really enjoy that role. Whenever upcoming students have questions related to study work or living experience, I am happy to help.

Why UC San Diego? The most attractive thing of UC San Diego to me is its campus atmosphere. Students can always find a good place beside the sea and beach to have group discussions. Besides, UC San Diego encourages opening academic communication. Students are always welcomed to ask questions and have discussion with professors.

Have you been awarded any fellowships or grants during graduate school? If so, which ones? I was awarded Rady Merit Scholarship at the beginning of program and FRM scholarship in February, 2021.

What has been your favorite part about your graduate experience at UC San Diego? My favorite part about my graduate student experience at UC San Diego is its student care shown in its course design. Because of COVID, some students abroad are not be able to attend live course in normal day time PST. Our program offers flexible choices on class session time like 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. PST. So that international students can attend live course at their time zoom. Professors also committed a lot in that and they sometimes take class until very late. I truly appreciate that and would like to say thank you to all professors in MFin program!