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Meet Tyler Vu

Tell us a bit about your backgroundI'm born & raised in Orange County, CA where I attended California State University, Fullerton for undergrad and studied applied mathematics. Prior to grad school, I spent two summers conducting research at Harvard University where I got to work with Dr. Sherri Rose (now at Stanford University) and Dr. Victor De Gruttola. I later furthered my interest in this field by doing research for Johnson & Johnson. Outside of school, I run a marketing agency where we help service-based businesses attract more clients.

Describe your area of research at UC San Diego. My dissertation research focuses on developing methods for accommodating for missing data when analyzing networks. We intend to use these methods to investigate HIV transmission patterns in Botswana.

Describe your involvement in the UC San Diego community. My favorite thing to do in the SD area is going out to PB!

Why UC San Diego? I chose UC San Diego because I felt this program provided rigorous training in mathematical theory and computation giving me a diverse quantitative skillset. Also, being a minute away from the beach isn't so bad either.

What has been your favorite part about your graduate student experience at UC San Diego? My favorite grad school experience was the day I passed my qualifying exams. I became the first in my PhD program that entered straight from undergrad to pass each qualifying exam on their first try. I always use this moment as a reminder that consistency and hard work can go a long way.