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Preparing for and Conducting a Successful
Remote Dissertation/Thesis Defense

  • Create a Zoom account.
  • Arrange a practice session with committee members
    • Ask to meet one week before your defense date to ensure everyone is familiar with Zoom
    • Refer to Blink's Zoom: User Guide 
  • Start early
    • Activate the meeting room 30 minutes prior to starting
    • Request that committee members join at least 20 minutes before starting
      • Consider sending them calendar invites with the Zoom link
  • Be comfortable
    • Find a comfortable location to deliver the presentation
    • There should be good lighting, minimal noise, an appropriate backdrop, and no chance of interruption.
  • Get support
    • Consider ways you might include others in your remote defense, such as inviting them to the meeting room or having household members in the room for support.

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