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International Graduate Student Employment as Teaching Assistants

English Language Requirement for International Teaching Assistants (TA)

International graduate students who are nonnative speakers of English must be certified as having requisite language skills before they can serve as teaching assistants (TAs; UC San Diego Graduate Division policy in compliance with Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 41).

Evidence of English Language Proficiency : Certification as Teaching Assistant Cut Off Scores

Students may be certified either on the basis of their score on one of the following:

  • have a TOEFL iBT Speaking subscore of 28-30
  • have an IELTS Speaking subscore of 8.5-9.0
  • have a PTE Speaking sub-score of 83-90, and 2
  • be an international graduate students who serve as language assistants in courses conducted in their native language.

Those students with TOEFL speaking scores of 23 – 27, IELTS speaking scores of 7-8, or PTE speaking scores of 65-82 are required to take the English Language Certification Exam

Students who do not pass the English Language Certification Exam are given the opportunity to improve their language skills.

Those students who are admitted but have a speaking TOEFL score below 23 will not be allowed to take the certification test. Students who fall into this category may acquire the required English language proficiency skills via courses offered in the English Language Institute  and the English for Academic and Professional Development Program.

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