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Graduate Fellowship Initiative (GFI)


The Graduate Fellowship Initiative (GFI) was established in 2017 as a way to 1.) diversify the types of and 2.) increase the number of student-initiated extramural fellowships awarded to UC San Diego graduate students. The Graduate Division, in partnership with a student's home academic department, will supplement tuition and fees for select extramural fellowships. The primary list of approved student-initiated extramural fellowships is below, but please note this list is not exhaustive. Should a graduate student receive a fellowship not noted anywhere on this page, please email to discuss the specifics. New fellowships will be added to this list as the program continues.

Extramural fellowships are funded by agencies/organizations that are not associated or affiliated with the UC system, including UC San Diego. Fellowships awarded by the Graduate Division, graduate program, campus, and/or the UC system are considered intramural funds and are not eligible under this initiative, regardless of fund source. For example, block grant and FISP/CRES fellowships are not eligible. Additionally, NSF GRFP, NIH F30/F31, NIH T32, HHMI/Gilliam, and Fulbright (except Fulbright-Hays) awards are not eligible.

To request Graduate Fellowship Initiative support, departmental graduate coordinators should submit the form linked below. Students receiving extramural fellowships cannot submit this request form, instead they should work with staff in their home academic department to request GFI support.

To request GFI support, please submit this online form


F e l l o w s h i p *

A m o u n t

American Association of University Women
Dissertation Fellowship

$20,000 stipend

American Association of University Women American Summer/Short-Term
Research Publication Grants

$6,000 over an eight week time period

American-Scandinavian Foundation


American Sociological Association (ASA) Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants Program (ASA DDRIG) 

$16,000 award

Autism Science Foundation Fellowship

$25,000 stipend

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

$25,000 stipend

Chateaubriand Fellowship

€1.5K/month stipend; travel

CLIR/Library of Congress Mellon Fellowship

$31,000 stipend

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship


Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

$28,000 stipend

Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

$27,000 annual stipend for three years

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation
Research Abroad

$33,461 stipend, depends on country and duration of the project period

Gates Millennium Scholarship


GEM Fellowship


Harvard University Program on Negotiation Fellowships

$30,000 stipend

IBM PhD Fellowship

$60,000 in award year one; $35,000 in award year two

Josephine De Karman Fellowship

$25,000 stipend

Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellows in American Art

$38,000 stipend; $4,000 travel and research allowance

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion

$35,000 stipend; $3,000 research; $5,000 fees

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships** 

$90,000 for up to two years

Social Sciences Research Council Fellowships

$21,000 stipend on average; varies

*The Graduate Division will consider support for other substantive extramural fellowships that meet eligibility criteria. Please submit the request form above for any fellowship you would like to have considered.
**These fellowships are eligible for only one quarter of tuition and fee supplement from The Graduate Division.