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Fulbright US Student Program


The US Student Fulbright Program gives U.S. citizens the opportunity to spend a year abroad. The mission of the program is to create ties in foreign countries by promoting mutual understanding of cultures abroad through exchange.

At a Glance

  • Application portal opens: March 31st, 2021
  • Depending on the country, awardees will stay in their host country from six to twelve months
  • More than 3,600 candidates are recommended by 157 subsections of the National Screening Committee, composed of 457 senior faculty or field of study professionals.
  • Approximately 8,000 grants are awarded annually.
  • Types of grants:
    • Open Study - Propose a graduate degree program at an accredited university abroad of your choice.
    • Research - Create your own research-oriented project. This award will not result in a degree like the open study award.
    • English Teaching Assistantships Teach English abroad award is offered on 140 countries.
    • Other special types of grants - Depending on the country there are specialized awards offered like National Geographic, Internship programs with special focuses on public health, public policy, etc. 

 Submit your intake form below in the Internal Deadlines section.

UCSD Graduate Division Internal Deadline: September 7th, 2021

Fulbright Agency Deadline: October 12th, 2021

Fulbright Fellow Story

Read about UC San Diego Alumna Anna Yamamuro's experience with the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program.

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  • US citizens who will have completed their bachelor’s degree by the time they go abroad but who do not have a PhD at the time of application
  • Must be in good health
  • Experienced artists who do not have a bachelor’s degree may also be eligible.
  • Written and spoken proficiency in host country’s language; sometimes required, refer to your country’s language requirements.
  • For more information about eligibility visit

How to Apply

Please use the Fulbright U.S. Student Program online application portal to apply. We encourage you to plan ahead and submit a day prior to Fulbright's deadline, agency has strict deadlines.

If you will be applying through the UCSD campus, please send an intent to apply form to the Graduate Fellowship Advisor by the internal deadline. See "Applying At Large vs. Applying Through UCSD" section for more information.

Applying At Large vs. Applying Through UCSD

At Large

Recent graduates have the option to apply at large. They will be responsible for their own submission and will not be held to any internal deadlines set by their home institution. UCSD will not consider this applicants for their internal interview process.

NOTE: Current UCSD students and/or all applicants currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program are required to apply through their institution.

Through UCSD

Applicants will have the opportunity to present their proposals to a Campus Committee of 3 volunteer faculty members and our Graduate Fellowship Advisor. The Interview Committee members are selected according to the student's host country or by project expertise. In addition many of our faculty are Fulbrighters!

During the 30 minute interview, the applicant will receive constructive feedback on their applications and can ask questions to the committee. After the interview, applicants have the chance to revise and edit their applications as needed until the agency's deadline. The Campus Committee will also provide an evaluation of each student. This evaluation is confidential and will be uploaded to the student's application. 

Current UCSD students and/or all applicants currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program are required to apply through their institution.

Recent UCSD graduates can apply for the Fulbright U.S. Program through UCSD as well (recent graduates have the option of applying through their home institution/alma matter)

NOTE: UCSD’s internal application deadline is in early to mid-September each year. Those applying through UCSD MUST meet all internal deadlines set by the Graduate Division. See "Internal Deadlines" section.

Internal Deadlines


UCSD Internal Deadlines for Fulbright

Dates What's Due
July 6, 2021 Submit 'Intent to Apply Intake Form"
September 7, 2021

All application components are due, including letters of recommendation and foreign language evaluations. 

Applications must be completed through the Fulbright Slate Application Portal. The Fulbright application portal runs on Slate. They are the same.

September 13-October 1, 2021 Internal UCSD Interviews with Campus Committee. You will be notified in advance via email with your time and date.

October 12, 2021: Agency Deadline 2:00 p.m. PST

  • If you will not be able to attend your on-campus interview with the Campus Committee, please email at your earliest convenience.
  • If you have missed the intent to apply deadline and are still interested in applying, please email immediately.

Downloadable Forms

Application Components, Checklists, and Other Helpful Resources

Application Components

Application Checklists

Other Resources

Important Information

The Graduate Division does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions in the applicant's submission. We will do our best to review the format of the proposal; however final responsibility for format, content, and completeness always rests with the applicant. Please proofread the application fully and connect with both the graduate fellowship advisor and departmental fund manager for additional guidance prior to submission.