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American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

The American Heart Association (AHA) offers a Predoctoral Fellowship to enhance the research and clinical training of aspiring professionals in a predoctoral or clinical health degree.

At a glance:

  • $25,320 stipend pay per year, plus $4,200 per year for health insurance, and additional funds for project support and travel
  • can apply for up to two years of support
  • open to the array of aspiring academic and health professionals

Please note that this Fellowship requires you to either be an American Heart Association Professional Member or pay $250 per application submission (some memberships are lower than $100)

This fellowship is subject to internal deadlines set by the graduate fellowship advisor.

Internal Deadlines

The American Heart Association has not yet published dates for the 2020 application cycle. Those dates will become available on funding opportunity announcement page

Internal deadlines will follow after the official dates have been released. 

Application Components

  • Research Plan (5 pages)
  • Biographical Sketch (5 pages)
  • Academic Record (no page limit)
  • Literature Cited (no page limit)
  • Publications or Abstracts (3 count)
  • Vertebrate Animal Subjects (no page limit)
  • Resubmission Modifications (if applicable, 2 pages)

How to Apply

  1. Begin by creating an account at Grants@Heart to start your application
  2. After creating your account, select Grants@Heart from the menu options
  3. This will take you to the New User Sign Up page
  4. Select Student/Trainee from the Customer Segment
  5. Under the Institution Information section find University of California, San Diego (Institution ID: 1+IKE+967)
  6. After completing the required fields, select register at the bottom of the page
  7. This should bring you to the Grants@heart Dashboard
  8. In order to create a new application, select Application Administration on the upper left corner of the screen, find the option titled Create New Application
  9. Select a Program window should appear select either SummerPredoctoral Fellowship or Summer Predoctoral Fellowship ONE YEAR  depending on how many years of funding you are requesting
  10. When listing the institutional personnel, select Dean of Graduate Division, Paul Yu as the grants officer and Mark Cooper as the fiscal officer.
  11. Once you have uploaded all components of the application, submit the application to the grants officer (GO). This will give the Graduate Division access to view your application.
  12. When you grant access to the Dean of Graduate Division, Paul Yu, please email the Graduate Fellowship Advisor. 
    1. Once you submit the application to the Grants Officer, the Graduate Division can release the application back to you so that the application can be revised before the deadline.
  13. Complete the Intake Form.
  14. As of the internal deadline, all components of the application prepared by the student or the sponsor must be present. However, letters of reference may be uploaded after the internal deadline.

The American Heart Association has adopted the Public Health Service’s 2012 guidelines for conflict of interest (COI). Under the new regulations, graduate fellowships are subject to COI disclosure. Prior to submitting the AHA application, both the student applicant and the faculty sponsor must submit the Financial Interest Disclosure for PHS-Funded Research form to UCSD's COI office. Before submitting the financial conflict of interest disclosure forms to the COI Office, please submit your completed Fellowship Cover Sheet to your Mentor’s Fund Manager to attain a UCSD proposal number for the COI forms.

How to Complete and Route AHA Award Agreement form to the Graduate Division

After completing the submission process, applicants receiving an award will  be notified via email  and the award activation process will begin. If/When you receive the notice of award that states that your application has been successful; you will be prompted to complete an Award Agreement.

The Award Agreement will require information from the Awardee/PI, the AHA reference number and the project title/period. After the Awardee/PI has populated the document with this information, your next step will be to acquire all of the necessary signatures. Before coming to the Graduate Division for both the Grants and Contracts Officer and the Fiscal Officer signature, both of which can be provided to you by Interim Graduate Dean Paul Yu, please first ensure that all other information and signatures are added to the document.

Important Information

The Graduate Division does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions in the applicant's submission. We will do our best to review the format of the proposal; however final responsibility for format, content, and completeness always rests with the applicant. Please proofread the application fully and connect with both the graduate fellowship advisor and departmental fund manager for additional guidance prior to submission.