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NRSA Termination Reports in xTrain

At the conclusion of an NIH F31 fellowship, the student will have to file a termination report explaining what funds were used and what was accomplished during the grant.

To file this report, the student should log in to eRA Commons and click on xTrain. From there, s/he can search for the award, begin a termination report, and fill in the appropriate information.

When the student has completed the form, s/he should save it and route it to the sponsor (i.e., the student’s advisor/supervisor).

The sponsor will likewise go into xTrain to view and approve the report.

(The sponsor can also initiate the termination report and then route it to the student for completion. In this case, once the student has filled out the termination report, s/he should route it back to the sponsor for approval.)

The sponsor should then save the report and route it to the Business Official.  The Business Official is the department fiscal manager or MSO for your home department.  Please note that the Business Official in this case is not Interim Dean Steve Cassedy.

The Business Official will log in to xTrain, review the report for accuracy (particularly in terms of the reported stipends), and submit the report to the agency.

View this presentation for more information. 

Please Note: The Graduate Division cannot assume responsibility for errors in the applicant's submission. We will do our best to review the format of your proposal; however final responsibility for format, content, and completeness rests with the applicant.