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Financial Support FAQS


Q: How does a student sign up for direct deposit?

A: There are 3 offices on campus that provide direct deposit for graduate students:
  1. Student Business Services (stipend payments for domestic students)
  2. Payroll (TA and GSR employment checks)
  3. (travel and other personal reimbursement)

Please note the following information re. stipend payments for international students:

If an international student has a current PPS appointment (GSR, TA, etc.), the stipend payment will be issued according to the direct deposit information in PPS.

If the student does not have a current PPS appointment at the time the title code 3296 appointment is created in PPS, the stipend payment will be issued according to the direct deposit information in Disbursements.

To be on the safe side, an international student may want to sign up for both:



Please ensure that your student has completed the correct direct deposit request in order to expedite the receipt of funds.

Q: How do I know if a title code 3296 stipend has been issued from PPS?

A: The quickest way to check the status of a title code 3296 check is through IFIS. You must have the student's EID (not PID).
  • Login to IFIS
  • Enter EID
If check has been issued, you will see the following (for example):
AC -SYSTEM-----------INVOICE --------------- CHECK --------------------
If NUMBER starts with "A", then direct-deposit; otherwise, a paper check was issued. If CN is "Y", then check has been cancelled. To verify that any paper stipend check has been cashed:
  • Enter NUMBER

Q: What are the allowable uses of Graduate Division Fellowship (a.k.a. Block Grant) funds?

  1. Graduate student stipend, tuition and fees - always allowable, and the primary intent of block grant grant funding.
  2. Graduate student travel and recruitment - may be allowable if used for expenses directly related to current and prospective graduate students. For example, funds may be used for a graduate student recruitment event, but should be used for only that portion of the event that is directly attributable to graduate students. For example, funds may be used for catering expense for graduate students, but not faculty or staff. Funds may never be used for academic program operating expenses.
    Note: Graduate Division will not transfer funds for graduate student travel and recruitment to any program in overdraft at the time of the request.
  3. Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) - the primary reason to support a student as a block grant GSR (vs. block grant fellow) is when you need to split-fund a GSR appointment

    Example 1: Quarter begins 10/1, but the faculty grant does not begin until 11/1. Faculty grant will support student as a GSR. The department could fund the student as a BG GSR for October to ensure a smooth transition to the faculty grant effective 11/1.

    Example 2: Department will provide partial support for the student, faculty will provide the remaining support. Faculty has only GSR funds, not fellowship funds. Student can be appointed as GSR with appointment prorated between the BG and the faculty grant.

    If the intent is to fund the student in full from BG funds, please request the standard stipend, tuition and fee payments. Block grant funds are intended primarily for fellowship support, not employment.

  4. Academic Student Employees (ASEs) – Block grant funds may never be used to hire TAs, Readers or any other ASE employee. Questions re. funding for ASE salary should be directed to the Program Review Committee (PRC) in Academic Affairs.

Q: My student defended in spring – may they be paid during summer?

A: A US Citizen or Permanent Resident who receives a terminal degree, and is eligible for support, can be supported through the quarter-break after graduation provided the student continues to be actively engaged in graduate student research. The summer is considered to be the quarter-break after spring quarter. An international student (F-1 or J-1 visa) can only be supported through the quarter date of graduation. Contact the International Center for additional information.

Q: My student was on leave during spring - may they be paid during summer?

A: A student on leave during spring may be supported as a graduate student during summer provided the student is eligible for support, actively engaged in graduate student research and enrolled for the following fall quarter.

Q: May a part-time graduate student receive financial support?

A: Academic Employment - Graduate students must be registered in a minimum of 12 units of upper-division and graduate-level work each quarter to be employed at greater than 25% time during the academic year. Students registered in fewer than 12 units are eligible for 25% time appointments upon department approval. See: http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/front/GradStud.html#financial

Fellowships and Traineeships - Awardees must register in a minimum of 12 units of upper-division and graduate-level work each quarter. See: http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/front/GradStud.html#financial

All graduate students who receive financial support must be in good academic standing as defined under the Standards of Scholarship in the General Catalog. See: http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/front/GradStud.html#standschol

A request to the Dean of the Graduate Division for an exception to policy must be endorsed by the student’s advisor and department/program chair. Any payment that is an exception to policy must be pre-approved.

For questions regarding need-based aid eligibility, please contact Financial Aid: http://students.ucsd.edu/finances/financial-aid/index.html

Q: How can I find my student’s support time limit (SUTL)?

A: You may find a student’s time limits on the GP PERSDATA screen in ISIS. You may also find time limits summarized on the following Graduate Division website: https://ga.ucsd.edu/student_db/