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Job Opportunities Bulletin

Academic & Staff Titles

This resource is written to assist graduate students who are seeking employment outside of their own academic home departments. Students can be appointed to student academic positions (Teaching Assistant, Reader, Tutor, Associate or Graduate Student Researcher) by a department, group or program or employed in student staff positions which are listed by the Career Center (Student Employment Office) in the Handshake system.

Students appointed to the Teaching Assistant, Reader, Tutor and Associate titles (ASE) are under Agreement between the Regents of the University of California and the Coalition of Academic Student Employees, International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO. The Agreement, ASE title definitions, and campus wide posting of appointment opportunities is available here.

The following is a brief description of academic titles for graduate students: 

Teaching Assistant
A teaching assistant (TA) assists in the instruction of an upper or lower division course at the University under the supervision of a faculty member.  The TA primarily assists the faculty member in charge of the course by conducting discussion or laboratory sections that supplement faculty lectures and by grading assignments and examinations.
A TA may also assist with the development of assignments or exams, hold office hours and proctor examinations. In the case of basic language, reading and composition, some other skills-building courses, and a few other courses, a teaching assistant may lead the class meetings, but as with all other TAs, the general instructional content of the course, as well as the official assignment of student grades and decisions on grade appeals, are the responsibility of the faculty member in charge of the course. In no instance shall a teaching assistant be assigned responsibility for the entire instruction of a course.  
A reader assists a course instructor by grading homework, papers, or exams and may also hold office hours to answer students’ questions about such assignments.
A tutor provides tutoring to individual (one-on-one) or small groups (three or more) of undergraduate or graduate students who require additional help to understand a course or topical material.  In some instances tutoring may focus on improved use of the English language.
Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)
A GSR is a registered graduate student who performs research under the direction of a faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator.
Associate (in lieu of TA) – Step 1
An Associate (in lieu of TA) may serve as a "senior TA" for a department/programs' TA training activities, as a  TA consultant or Language Screener for the English Language Program for International Instructors, or under an Academic Instructional  Improvement grant. Use of this title for any other program requires prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate Division.  Appointment to this title requires evidence of extraordinary merit in teaching and scholarship and prior relevant teaching experience.
Associate (teaching a course) – Step 9
An Associate (teaching a course) may conduct the entire instruction of a lower division course or upper division course with approval granted by the Dean of the Graduate Division. The Associate is assigned a faculty mentor to provide guidance and training as needed.  Use of this title requires prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate Division.
Appointment to this title requires evidence of extraordinary merit in teaching and scholarship and prior relevant teaching experience, advanced training in the subject matter and support of the department chair. For Ph.D. students, the candidacy exam must have been passed and the student  must be in the final stages of dissertation writing or must have equivalent other accomplishments (publications, extensive experience as performer- teacher, etc.). MFA students should be in the second to last or last quarter. The appointment is also dependent upon positive academic and  administrative review and approval by the student's department/group Chair, the Divisional Dean and the Dean of the Graduate Division.
Student Staff Titles
Graduate students can also be employed part-time on assistant titles. Departments list these jobs through the Student Employment Office, a division of the Career Center. Positions may be viewed in Handshake.

Support Eligibility  

Graduate student appointments may be for a maximum of 50% time (20 hours per week) during the academic year. During the summer (mid-June to mid-September), some departments allow appointments up to 100% time. Before accepting a position outside your own department, you must obtain the approval of your graduate department support coordinator. Graduate students must meet the basic qualifications as follows: 

  1.  Full-time enrollment (12 units or more) is required for students in 50% time appointments. Students enrolled in less than 12 units are eligible for up to a 25% time appointment with the approval of the student’s department.

  2. Be in good academic standing, i.e.,

    1. Meet departmental standards including a satisfactory spring evaluation;

    2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in upper-division and graduate course work; 

    3. Must not have accumulated more than a total of eight units of F and/or U grades overall.

  3. Be within departmental support time limit:

    1. Ph.D. and D.M.A. Degree Aim: Every student has three time limits within the department. These are: pre-candidacy, support, and registered time.  A doctoral student must advance to candidacy by the Pre-candidacy Time Limit (PCTL) and also be within the Support Time Limit (SUTL) to remain eligible for campus employment or to receive other University funds.   In addition, no one may be employed as a Teaching Assistant and/or Associate for more than 18 quarters.

    2. M.A., M.Eng., and M.S. Degree Aim: Eligible for 7 quarters of support.

    3. M.F.A. and M.P.I.A. Degree Aim: Eligible for 10 quarters of support.  

  4. International graduate students who are nonnative speakers of English must be certified as having requisite language skills before they can serve as teaching assistants. This English language policy does not apply to a student who serves as a TA which is conducted in his/her native language. For further information, contact the English Language Program for International Instructors (ELP-ii) at (858) 246-0628.

Salary & Fee Information

Teaching Assistants receive three equal paychecks per quarter. Fall quarter paychecks are issued on 11/1, 12/1 and 1/1; winter quarter checks on 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1; and spring quarter checks on 5/1, 6/1 and 7/1. Monthly salary is determined by multiplying the 100% monthly salary rate by the appointment percent time. 
TA (Reader/Tutor/Associate) PARTIAL FEE PAYMENTS
A graduate student appointed on an academic title or a combination of academic titles (TA, Reader, Tutor, and Associate) at 25% time or more for the entire quarter is eligible to have the health insurance portion of the fees paid and partial fee remission (Tuition and Student Services Fee). For the spring quarter 2017, the amount is $5401. For Teaching Assistants and Associates (and Readers and Tutors confirmed to work a minimum 25% or 110 hours), these fee payments are credited to students’ accounts prior to the beginning of the quarter. Unconfirmed Readers and Tutors who eventually work 110 hours during the quarter are refunded fees at the end of the quarter after the department notifies the Graduate Division that the student has met the minimum hours required.
Note:  In November 2010, the Regents adopted a simpler fee structure that equalized the Tuition (formerly Educational Fee) across all students beginning in 2011‐12.  Equivalent offsetting adjustments were made to nonresident tuition and professional degree fees in order to keep affected students’ total charges unchanged by this action.  For some students, the Tuition was reduced and another charge was increased by a like amount. For other students, the Tuition was increased and another charge was reduced by a like amount. 
If you are a nonresident graduate academic student or a GPS (formerly IR/PS) graduate professional student, you may be eligible for a remission adjustment.  The Graduate Division will identify students and issue the remission for the quarter in which the student is eligible.  The payment will be reflected as “TA Other Remission/Fees” or “TA Other Remiss IRPS/Fees” on the student account.
Graduate Student Researchers are paid once a month on the first day of the month following the beginning of the term of appointment. Monthly salary is determined by multiplying the 100% monthly salary rate by the appointment percent time. Graduate Student Researchers employed 25% or more for the quarter are eligible to have their entire tuition/fees (excluding any professional or program fee) paid under the Graduate Student Researcher Tuition/Fee Remission program.  NOTE: For Non Resident Supplemental Tuition remission, students must be within the first year of graduate study at UC San Diego unless an international student. US citizens and permanent residents should establish California residency by the start of their second year.
Students appointed as Readers and Tutors, or on Student Assistant titles are usually paid an hourly rate on a biweekly schedule.

Title Bas/Pd Ovr Title Code Step Hourly Monthly Annual
Teaching Assistant 09/09 2310 4,869.22 43,823.00
Associate (in lieu of TA, Step 1)* 09/09 1506 5,101.56 45,914.00
Associate-in-(Dept) (Teaching a Course, Step 9)* 09/09 1506 6,047.56 54,428.00
Graduate Student Researcher 11/12 3266 Step 1 3,457.00 41,484.00
Step 2 3,726.00 44,712.00
Step 3 4,132.00 49,584.00
Step 4 4,463.00 53,556.00
Step 5 4,760.00 57,120.00
Step 6 4,981.00 59,772.00
Step 7 5,380.00 64,560.00
Step 8 5,808.00 69,696.00
Step 9 6,274.00 75,288.00
Step 10 6,774.00 81,288.00
Reader - Graduate Student 09/09 2850 16.75 2,914.50 26,230.00
Reader - Undergraduate Student 09/09 2850 15.92 2,770.08 24,931.00
Tutor - Graduate Student - Single Session 09/09 2860 20.67 3,596.58 32,369.00
Tutor - Graduate Student - Group Session 09/09 2860 24.80 4,315.20 38,837.00
Tutor - Undergraduate Student - Single Session 09/09 2860 15.92 2,770.08 24,931.00
Tutor - Undergraduate Student - Group Session 09/09 2860 19.07 3,318.18 29,864.00
Tutor - Postdoctoral - Single Session 09/09 2510 25.46 4,430.04 39,870.00
Tutor - Postdoctoral - Group Session 09/09 2510 30.52 5,310.48 47,794.00
Non-Student Reader 2500 Use Graduate Student Reader
rate if holds baccalaureate
Non-Student Tutor 2510 Use Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant or Tutor
rate if holds baccalaureate

Writing Programs

Each of UC San Diego’s seven undergraduate colleges has its own writing/core program. Graduate students from various campus departments are appointed each year as Teaching Assistants in these programs.

The typical position is a 50% appointment (~20 hours per week) for the full academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters). All seven writing programs receive applications through one online “clearinghouse” campaign under the Instructional Assistant Data Management System (formerly known as the Academic Student Employment System). Applications are accepted starting in April for the following academic year. The application deadline is usually the first business day of May.

For complete information, please see:

Analytical Writing Program

The Analytical Writing Program is designed to help undergraduate students master the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that will enable them to succeed at the university and in their professional lives. Graduate Student Teaching Assistants in Analytical Writing are hired at 50% time, working no more than 20 hours per week. TAs are attached to particular Analytical Writing courses and will attend those courses and meet individually with students. Throughout the term, TAs will gather for professional development in the very specialized field of basic writing. This is an excellent position for anyone interested in the teaching of writing. TAs will develop a close mentoring relationship with the instructor with whom they are working. They will develop a clear sense of writing pedagogy—a pedagogy that can be extended to instruction in all disciplines. TAs who successfully excel in this year-long position may be selected to teach their own classes the following year.
Applicants must possess the interpersonal skills that will enable them to work one-on-one with our very diverse population of students. Applicants should be good writers who have a solid understanding of the writing process.
Application Procedure
Submit your application online at  Use your UCSD Personal ID number and Personal Access Code to log on. (New graduate students will first need to establish a TritonLink account through the Grad Apply system.) Applications are accepted starting in April for the following academic year. 

You will need to submit the following items:

  • CV or Resume
  • A sample of your academic writing (in English), such as a seminar paper or term paper
  • Letter of interest

Please direct questions about the Analytical Writing Program TA application process to Tara Nadeau at


The Department of Linguistics appoints about 45 speakers of American Sign Language, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish as Teaching Assistants in its lower-division language classes. Students are appointed as Teaching Assistants and usually at 50% time. For additional information, visit the Linguistics homepage on the web at

Minimum qualifications are having a strong speaking ability in the language for which employed and sufficient formal education in that language to ensure that the TA speaks a variety of that language acceptable as a model for students. Attendance at the Linguistics Language Program Fall Workshop is mandatory. The workshop is held the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 0 during fall quarter.

Application Procedure
The application for Employment as a TA for the Linguistics Language Program (LLP) can be accessed at  Submit the application according to the instructions online.

Application Deadline
May 1 is the initial application deadline for all students. In most cases, incoming students who apply on or before May 1 can usually expect to have an answer concerning LLP employment within two weeks of the department’s receipt of the application. 

Additional information may be obtained in AP&M room 3202 or by calling (858) 534-3605.

Japanese Studies

Fall 2020

The Program in Japanese Studies appoints 10-15 native or near-native speakers of Japanese as Teaching Assistants. Students are usually hired at 33% or 50% time, working 13.2 or 20 hours per week and teaching two or three 50-minute tutorial sections per week and grade assignments, quizzes, and exams under an instructor’s supervision. Attendance at the Japanese Studies Program teaching workshop is mandatory.  Please visit for more detailed information of Japanese TA duties. 

Applicants should have a native or near-native competence in the language, should speak the standard variety of Japanese, and should have knowledge of fundamental Japanese grammar and culture. Furthermore, applicants should be able to perform the duties of Teaching Assistant between Monday, September 28, 2020 and Saturday, December 19, 2020. 

Application Procedure
Submit your application online at

Application Deadline
May 15, 2020 


Winter 2021

Applicants should have a native or near-native competence in the language, should speak the standard variety of Japanese, and should have knowledge of fundamental Japanese grammar and culture. Furthermore, applicants should be able to perform the duties of Teaching Assistant between January 4, 2021 and March 20, 2021.

Application Deadline
The application period starts in early September, 2020. Students must obtain the application URL here ( and apply online during the application period.  


Spring 2021

Applicants should have a native or near-native competence in the language, should speak the standard variety of Japanese, and should have knowledge of fundamental Japanese grammar and culture. Furthermore, applicants should be able to perform the duties of Teaching Assistant between Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and June 11, 2021. 

Application Deadline
The application period starts in early January, 2021. Students must obtain the application URL here ( and apply online during the application period.

Urban Studies and Planning

Ten to fifteen graduate students are appointed each quarter to meet USP’s demand for TAs and Readers. The percentage of time paid varies from 25-50% depending on workload.
Applicants should have a strong background in urban planning, urban politics, urban sociology, urban economics, urban history, health care, and/or real estate development.
Application Procedure
The application is available on the usp website: which links to the IA system. Questions can be emailed to

Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Mail Code: 0517
Social Sciences Building 315
(858) 534-3690

Application Deadline
Vacancies can occur quarterly, therefore, students are encouraged to apply.

Chinese Studies

The Chinese Studies Program hires 11-13 graduate students as Chinese language Teaching Assistants (CHIN TA) on a quarter by quarter basis. A TA’s workload is generally appointed at 25%, 28%, 33% and in rare cases a 50% appointment depending on the assigned sections. TAs serves under the direct supervision of the Director of the Chinese language program and equitably distributed TA assignments to maximize resources and service to Chinese language students. TAs must enroll in CHIN 500: Apprentice Teaching for a letter grade during each quarter of employment. The grade will reflect the effort and quality of the grad student as a Chinese language Teaching Assistant. TAs are assigned to work directly with faculty in conjunction with the Chinese language course(s) offered each quarter and will meet weekly with said instructors. TA duties include but are not limited to preparing in class presentations (which may include drafting PowerPoint presentations), preparing instructional materials (i.e. making copies), keeping attendance, conducting tutorials, leading conversation drills, distributing and grading homework/writing assignments, holding weekly office hours, language tutoring and proctoring quizzes/tests. TAs must maintain strong academic records as per their department requirements of a 3.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for employment. Current TAs MUST REAPPLY for an available TA position each quarter, as employment is not guaranteed.

Top candidates are native or near native Mandarin Chinese speakers, who can comprehend, communicate, read and write clearly in both Traditional and Simplified characters.  Experience as a language teacher is a highly preferred. TAs are hired as apprentice teachers of Mandarin Chinese and will be instructing students of various backgrounds and ability levels in an effort to improve the students ability to communicate in Chinese. TAs must be available to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; they must attend and lead the assigned section(s) and various other tasks without reservation. TAs should attempt to have flexible schedules as they may initially need to attend corresponding lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays to observe CHIN lectures. Attendance to TA Orientation and Training is mandatory. Attendance and participation in weekly TA meetings is also a requirement of employment. Missing sections and/or meetings or non-completion of assigned tasks are grounds for dismissal. Acceptance into a UCSD graduate program is a requirement of the position. US citizens, US residents and UCSD graduate students holding an F-1 or J-1 visa are welcome to apply.

Application Procedure
The Teaching Assistant application is available at the Chinese Studies Program website:, which leads you to the online application system in order to apply.  Interested graduate students are encouraged to carefully read the website and follow the instructions precisely.  E-mail if you have any questions after you have carefully read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab on the website. Include “Chinese Language TA – Full Name” in the subject line to expedite response to your inquiry. 

At the conclusion of the online application, the applicant will be instructed to deliver or mail in a Confirmation Page and perhaps a CD or USB memory stick with a voice or video recording that contain a candidate’s personal introduction. This recording is used as a prime example of the applicant’s ability to expertly speak in Pǔtōnghuà. Confirmation page and recording may be sent or delivered to: 

Chinese Studies Program @ UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive, MC # 0113,  
H&SS Room 1009, in Muir College 
La Jolla, CA 92093-0113

Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline stated on the website or on the application prompt. Grad students must complete the following in the online application:

  1. Answer the questions in the online application system.

  2. Prepare and upload your CV or résumé in Word document or PDF format into your online application when prompted to do so. This information should be in English. It should detail your work history and highlight any Chinese language teaching background.

  3. Draft a one page handwritten autobiography in Chinese characters. Ensure that your handwriting is clear and easy to read.  Applicants may use either Traditional or Simplified characters because TAs are required to be able to read, write & correct both types of character. Do not type in Chinese characters. Upload a PDF or JPEG of the handwriting sample when prompted in the online application.

  4. Record yourself speaking for a minimum of 3 minutes onto a website like or . You also have the option to submit a recording via CD or on a USB thumb drive. You are using this opportunity to introduce yourself in Mandarin to the Selection Committee. Do not read from texts and do not have background music or noise in your recording. Speak loud and clearly. Save this recording online or on a CD or USB. Ensure that the CD works properly on a PC computer, Mac and/or CD player. Write your full name and student identification number (PID#) with a permanent marker on the CD or USB. Please note that the Chinese Studies Office will keep the recording until the application review has completely concluded.

  5. Print your own Confirmation Page at the end of the online application.

  6. You will be mailing (or delivering) you’re recording along with the CHIN TA Application Confirmation Page to the Chinese Studies Program Office, unless you posted the recording online.

Deadlines are important and any mailed material must be postmarked with the appropriate date. Items that are delivered in person should arrive no later than the deadline date. Ensure that the voice recording best highlights your pronunciation skills in Mandarin Chinese. This office will not print & put together your application for you, as it is the graduate student’s responsibility to apply for employment and not that of the program. 

Applications will not be considered if they are missing any of the application materials. Carefully complete the online questions, upload a handwriting sample, upload your résumé, print your own Confirmation Page and submit your personal voice recording by each quarter specific deadline date.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry may have openings for students outside of their department. Students are typically paid 42% time at the TA salary rate.
Applicants should have a chemistry background suitable to teach general and organic chemistry laboratory courses. TAships in lecture courses may be available from time to time for students with the appropriate knowledge and background. Non-native English speakers must first pass a language exam.
Application Procedure
Full information, including deadlines and TA applications, is available online at:
For questions, please contact the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Affairs staff, Mail Code 0303, 4010 York Hall:
Application Deadline
Web applications are typically accepted until the 7th week prior to the quarter of teaching. A web application is required of all applicants. Transcripts may be required, as described on the website.


The Department of Physics sometimes appoints graduate students from outside their department as TAs. The percentage of time varies from 20 - 50% depending on workload and availability.
Applicants should have a strong background in physics and mathematics.  Preference is given to students with Bachelor’s degrees in physics.
Application Procedure
Interested students can access the application form by going to:   and clicking on the current application link. Please complete the on-line application and submit as instructed on the web site.  Please complete the application online and submit as instructed on the website.
Application Deadline
Students may apply during the open application period, typically 4th and 5th week of each quarter.

Summer Session

Last summer over 200 graduate students were appointed as TAs, Tutors and Readers for Summer Session courses. The decision to fund these student positions is made by the academic department for courses that have sufficient enrollment. When enrollment figures warrant a TA, Tutor, or Reader for the course, the department employs the student. Graduate students are also eligible to teach when a regular UC faculty member is not available.

Qualifications vary depending upon the course being taught.

Application Procedure
Interested students should check with their department about the availability of TA, Tutor, and Reader positions for remote Summer Session courses.

Application Deadline
You should check with your home department for possible deadlines. There will be one five-week remote session beginning June 29th and one five-week remote session beginning August 3rd in the 2020 Summer Session.

Teaching and Learning Commons

Graduate Teaching Consultant

The Graduate Teaching Consultants will work closely with the staff of the Engaged Teaching Hub at the Teaching + Learning Commons to support instructors and build a culture of evidence-based teaching excellence at UC San Diego. This annual position provides an opportunity for graduate students to deepen their knowledge and experience as educators and support instructors’ professional development in teaching. Appointments range from 25-50% and candidates are ideally available for a minimum of three quarters (including summer sessions), with potential for longer appointments.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Developing and facilitating workshops to support faculty and graduate students
  • Supporting graduate student programming by providing feedback on course material
  • Conducting classroom observations and consultations with graduate student instructors
  • Contributing to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects (SoTL)
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis on a range of projects
  • Assessing Engaged Teaching programming
  • Supporting grant-writing and subsequent professional development opportunities
  • ·Assisting with summarizing relevant literature on education research and data collection for specific projects and clients


  • Demonstrated commitment and interest in graduate student and faculty development
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently and as a team member
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills; familiarity with the Google Suite and education technologies
  • Ability to prioritize competing commitments
  • (Preferred) Experience facilitating educational workshops
  • (Preferred) Interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • (Preferred) Interest in working with English Language Learners

Application Procedure
Once the application opens, this position and additional details will be posted at


Oral English Language Assessment Specialist

The Oral English Language Assessment Specialists will work closely with the staff of the English Language Program for International Instructors (ELP-ii) to support international instructors (including TAs and IAs) in their English language and teaching excellence at UC San Diego. This annual position provides graduate students opportunities to deepen their knowledge and experience as language assessors and educators and support international teaching assistants’ professional development in teaching. Appointments range from 25-50% and candidates are ideally available a minimum of three quarters, summer sessions included, with potential for longer appointments.

Job Activities May Include:

ELP-ii Summer Bridge Program:

  • Lead 3 hours of spoken English language, culture, and teaching performance workshop series for international graduate TA/IA candidates, plus 2 hours of preparation time.
  • Pre- and post- test spoken English language skills, including technical and general speech.
  • Assess language and teaching performance skills in preparation for the English Language Certification Exam
  • Plan and lead workshops, webinars, and record podcasts
  • Attend staff meetings as needed
  • Attend 1 week intensive 20-hour training for the position
  • English Language Certification Exam: 10-15 minute oral language screening in the English Language Program for International Instructors. Approximately 4-6 TA candidates are assessed per hour.
  • Interview candidates in English, record test performance information on provided forms, assess language skills, assign a score for each skill, and determine a recommendation with the faculty representative based on a prescribed rubric.
  • Post-test, submit a written report summarizing the test performance for each test taker using a scoring template

ELP-ii Academic Year Activities:

  • Plan and lead workshops and webinars and record podcasts
  • Assess language and teaching performance skills for the English Language Certification Exam
  • Attend staff meetings as needed


  • Coursework in the field of linguistics and/or ESL teaching experience

Application Procedure 
Once the application opens, this position and additional details will be posted at


Graduate Writing Consultant

Graduate Writing Consultants provide one-on-one writing assistance to UCSD graduate students by appointment. Graduate Writing Consultants receive extensive training on best practices for supporting graduate writers and on multi-disciplinary knowledge of academic writing. The Writing Hub hires graduate students for the entire academic year, and has varying levels of appointments between 12% and 50%. Writing Consultants at higher appointment levels also develop and implement special programming for graduate writers (e.g. graduate writing retreats, workshops, etc.), and are encouraged to develop graduate-level writing programs that align with their individual interests. Graduate Writing Consultants are hired as Associated in (in Lieu of TA). Information about how the Writing Hub supports graduate students can be found at
Graduate Writing Consultants must demonstrate a superior command of academic writing and strong oral communication skills, as well as cultural competency and curiosity, sensitivity to a range of academic challenges, and the ability to advise students on academic support issues related to writing and communication. They must be available to attend weekly training meetings and quarterly orientations.
Application Procedure
The application for the Graduate Writing Consultant position can be found at You will need to submit:

  • A resume or curriculum vitae of your qualifications as they pertain to the position;
  • Short answers to application questions.
  • A sample of your own academic writing, solo-authored and in English, such as a seminar paper, statement of purpose, literature synthesis, or manuscript draft. You are welcome to submit drafts in progress; your writing sample does not need to be a published paper. 

Application Deadline 
May 10, 2020, 11:59 pm. Late applications will be accepted, but priority is given to those received by the May deadline, and most of the positions will be filled by June 1. 

Career Center

The Career Center, located on Library Walk, helps graduate students with virtually any career-related concern and offers a comprehensive set of programs and services throughout the year. Online registration at through Port Triton is required.

Job Opportunities
The Career Center lists thousands of part-time and full-time job listings year round, including on-campus and off-campus opportunities for advanced degree holders. Various employers conduct job interviews at the Career Center each quarter to recruit graduating Master’s and Ph.D. candidates for full-time career positions. Access the job listings and On-Campus Interview listings online at Search for listings requiring advanced degrees by using key words.

Career Advising
Graduate students can meet individually with Graduate Career Advisor  to plan an effective academic or non-traditional job search, get a CV or resume critiqued, explore alternative advanced degree job options, and prepare for interviews and academic job talks. To make an appointment, call (858) 534-3750.

Getting career-related work experience before graduation is an important step that enables students to make solid career choices and enhance their potential in the eyes of employers. The Career Center offers internship advising, workshops, an extensive career library, and the Internship SuperSite at - a one-stop shop for internship resources, information and opportunities.

Workshops, Presentations & Job Fairs
Workshops designed especially for graduate students are offered each term, including on-camera interviewing (academic and non-academic), CV-and resume-writing, and a career transition group for graduate students questioning their career paths. Special graduate student events have included an etiquette dinner, guest speakers on family influence, and presentations on career choice and alternatives to academia. In addition, the Career Center offers a variety of interview workshops, career panels, job fairs, networking opportunities, and company presentations featuring career professionals. Bookmark our quarterly calendar at or pick up a printed copy at our center.

Career Library
Visit our Career Library for a great selection of career guides for Master’s and Ph.D. candidates, job search handbooks, occupational guides, employer literature, career CDs and videos, salary surveys, and much more.  

Online Resources
The Career Center’s website includes a section especially for graduate students that provide job search information and links to helpful sites on the Internet. To access this section, visit   Our online guides to academic and non-academic job searches can also be downloaded from this webpage. Graduate student members of the UCSD Alumni Association can also utilize the online Career Access Network to contact hundreds of alumni professionals for career advice and guidance. 

Alumni Services
Alumni may continue to have complete access to the Career Center with an Alumni Career Plus subscription. As a subscriber, UC alumni are eligible to register for and use the services listed above at any point in their careers. In addition, alumni can meet individually with our alumni career advisor and attend special alumni workshops. For more information please visit

For more information, call (858) 534-3750 or visit

Need Help?

Contact Graduate Student Financial Support at