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UC San Diego is a partner institution in the California Consortium for Inclusive Doctoral Education (C-CIDE),  a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that aims to create a network of faculty and administrators across doctoral-granting universities that aims to diversify the demographic composition of STEM graduate programs and the scientific workforce in California.

The vision of C-CIDE is to catalyze and support communities of practice who are committed to making STEM graduate education more equitable and inclusive. It currently consists of faculty and administrators on six California universities: UC- Berkeley, UC-Davis, UC-Irvine, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Barbara, and USC, and is aimed at creating a sustainable system of  faculty learning opportunities on each campus and Consortium-wide that 1) increase knowledge and skills needed to improve how we select and serve students, 2) motivate changes to policy and practice that affect student access and success. 

In January 2020, C-CIDE personnel came to UC San Diego and conducted a workshop for faculty on graduate admissions practices. They will return again in August, 2020 to offer more workshops and further training.

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