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Graduate Diversity Coordinators

UC San Diego Graduate Diversity Coordinators are department and program representatives within the UCSD community that are committed to recruiting diverse students. The Diversity Coordinators work to ensure that an equitable approach is followed within their respective departments/programs via the department Chairs and Admission Committees. 

Their responsibilities include, but aren't limited, to the following:

  • Review program admissions procedures to ensure that the process is inclusive and does not exclude qualified students from underrepresented groups. Identify and distribute information about diversity funding opportunities and programs.
  • Expand graduate student and faculty involvement in diversity outreach efforts to meet the expectations of these grants and the diversity goals of the campus.
  • Encourage and facilitate graduate student, faculty and staff participation in the Diversity Outreach Collaboration Program to diversify the graduate applicant pool.
  • Support graduate students and faculty members in identifying possible extramural funding sources and ensure that proposals requiring diversity outreach efforts have well crafted components that fully represent campus and department diversity efforts.
  • Promote retention efforts for continuing graduate students. Work with student services programs and the campus community centers to facilitate networking, mentoring, skill building, grant writing, and other activities to promote a climate that is supportive of diversity.
  • Promote diversity in postdoctoral positions and develop outreach strategies to ensure a diverse applicant pool.
  • Encourage graduate students from underrepresented groups to consider academic careers and postdoctoral positions.

Diversity Coordinator Directory:


Art History




Biological Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Science


Computer Science and Engineering


Education Studies

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ethnic Studies

Family Medicine and Public Health

Graduate Division

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI)



Infectious Diseases

Jacobs School of Engineering

Latin American Studies



Materials Science and Engineering


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Medical Scientist Training Program


Office of Advanced Professional Education and Development (MS in Drug Development and Product Management, MAS in Leadership of Healthcare Organizations, MAS in Clinical Research)




Physical Science


Political Science


Rady School of Management

School of Global Policy & Strategy

Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Structural Engineering

Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center

Theatre and Dance

Visual Arts