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Laura Jimenez

Graduate Employment Coordinator

  • EASy requests (Last Names: A-L)
  • GSR Tuition and Fee Remission
  • Intercampus GSR employment approvals
  • Mass PayPath uploads (Departments: A-L)
  • Reviews Associate-In (Teaching a Course) appointments (Departments: A-Muir)
  • Reviews Non-Student Tutor and Reader employment exception requests
  • Service & Support Tickets
  • Student academic employment appointments
Laura earned her B.A in Communication with a minor in Law & Society from UC San Diego. She also earned her M.A in Public Communication and Public Relations from the University of Westminster. After completing her Master’s degree, she returned back to UC San Diego and has worked in Human Resource, Academic Personnel, Undergraduate and Graduate Advising. She has worked at Muir College, Psychology, Theatre and Dance, and Anthropology. Laura joined the Graduate Division in March 2021.
I love to travel! So far, I’ve been to 19 states and 13 countries. Many more places for me to see and explore!