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Emily Roxworthy

Associate Dean

  • Diversity outreach and recruitment
  • Graduate student professional development 
  • Analysis of new academic programs
  • Serve as back-up to the Dean
Emily is a professor in the Department of Theatre & Dance, with affiliations to Ethnic Studies, Critical Gender Studies, and Asian American Studies. She received her master's in Theatre Arts from Cornell University and her bachelor's in Performance Studies and PhD in Interdisciplinary Theatre & Drama from Northwestern University. As a scholar-artist, her research focuses on the performance of politics and stratification, including authoring two scholarly books, directing an educational roleplaying video game, and leading an interactive theatre company that produces diversity interventions for higher education. Emily joined UC San Diego in 2004 and previously served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity & Equity and Provost of Earl Warren College.
Emily grew up in Michigan (the "Great Lakes State"), where she routinely fed stale bread to the wild ducks that flocked to the many bodies of water around her. During quarantine, all the stray puppies had homes so instead she adopted two white Pekin ducks (JJ and Mazzie) and learned that ducks are not supposed to eat bread.