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Retroactive and Late Actions

"Late" is defined as any request for action after an established deadline but prior to the end of the ninth week of a quarter.

Students missing the 9th week deadline to drop a class or the 10th week deadline to add a class will need to obtain instructor signature, departmental approval and submit a petition to the Graduate Division with the EPC required supporting documentation detailed below:

Retroactive Add or Withdrawal from Course:  Requests may be approved only in cases where: (1) the student clearly attempted to add or withdraw from the course by the deadline but technical problems with TritonLink prevented the proper processing of the request; (2) serious personal circumstances (e.g. hospitalization) prevented the student from adding or withdrawing on TritonLink or in person prior to the deadline.

  • "Retroactive" is defined as any request for action in the tenth week of the quarter or later.
  • Students and Departments should take note that requests for retroactive actions on a course are sent by the Dean of Graduate Division to the Educational Policy Committee(EPC).
  • Retroactive course/grade changes must be listed in Other section of General Petition.
  • No grade may be changed after one calendar year from the time the grade was recorded.
  • Justification and/or a factual explanation must be given for any grade change request.
  • Requests must include all information necessary for posting. This includes: course number, section number, section I.D., grading option, number of units and quarter for each change requested.