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Leave of Absence/Withdrawals

Graduate students are eligible for a maximum 3 quarters leave of absence with department approval. Students access the on-line form through the Graduate Division’s Student Portal. Graduate Coordinators access the on-line form through the Graduate Division’s Student Database. A graduate student who is bearing a child, who has primary responsibility for the care of an infant or child under the age of five, and is in good academic standing may request an additional 3 quarters leave of absence (follow the same procedures below but specify "parenting" or "maternity" on the leave form as the reason)

Procedures: Leave of Absence

  • A student who does not continue graduate study with the intention of resuming during a later quarter files a "Leave of Absence, Extension or Withdrawal" form prior to leaving the campus.   
  • A graduate student must have completed at least one quarter of academic residence and be in good academic standing (GPA of 3.0, and no more than 8 units of "F" or "U") to be granted a leave.
  • On-line form must be filed no later than the end of the second week of instruction of the quarter in which the leave is to begin.
  • International students must also obtain approval from the International Center.
  • A student who has registered, paid fees and enrolled for the quarter in which a leave is being requested, must also indicate a withdrawal from classes on the form.
  •  Students are subject to refunds as published in the Schedule of Classes. Students are only eligible for a 100% refund if withdrawing from graduate studies on/by the 1st day of instruction.
  • A student seeking to maintain health coverage must contact the Student Health Center to purchase insurance.
  • While on leave, a student may not be employed by UCSD, UCSD Extension, or UCSD Medical Center or hold a fellowship, traineeship, or similar appointment administered by the University. Students may not use any University facilities or place demands on faculty.
  • A leave of absence or withdrawal does not extend the period during which a grading problem "I" or No Record must be resolved.

Procedures: Extension of a Leave

  • To extend an approved leave of absence, a student must notify the major department or group graduate coordinator at least two weeks prior to the end of the quarter in which the leave terminates.
  • An extension requires approval of the department. The International Center must approve a Leave of Absence for all international students.

Procedures: Withdrawals

  • A student leaving the University and not planning to return must return all borrowed library material, set up an exit interview with the Student Business Services Office, and obtain all other clearances listed on the on-line form.
  • A student withdrawing during the first thirty-five calendar days of a quarter will receive a refund of fees according to the Schedule of Refunds for Tuition, Educational Fee, University Registration Fee, and other Student Fees. The date of withdrawal used in calculating a refund will be the date on which the form is submitted to the Graduate Division. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for refund information.
  • A student on a leave of absence who subsequently withdraws must obtain all clearance signatures for the withdrawal.

Procedures: Returning from a Leave

  • When planning on returning from a Leave of Absence, a student must notify the graduate coordinator of the quarter in which s/he intends to register. The coordinator notifies Graduate Division who then reinstates the student. The student cannot register until this is done. Notification of return from a leave can only be given to the Graduate Division by the department.
  • When returning from a leave of absence of two quarters or more, a student must file a Statement of Legal residence with the Office of the Registrar prior to registering. The form can be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator or the Registrar's Office.
  • For readmission refer to the section on the General Petition.