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In Absentia Registration

  • Used if research or coursework is conducted outside the state of California during a given quarter.
  • Student to remain enrolled in full-time study with the University while paying 15 percent of the combined Educational and Registration Fees, and all the campus based fees.
  • A student who holds a fellowship, traineeship, or a research assistantship and desires to study off campus may do so under the following circumstances:
    • Master’s and graduate professional students must have completed at least one year of coursework by the time the In Absentia status would begin.
    • Academic doctoral students must have advanced to candidacy by the time the In Absentia status would begin.
    • Agree to comply with the rules and regulations governing the In Absentia Guidelines
  • Student must complete A General Petition with name, PID, address, department, degree and box F, listing the institution student will be studying at (e.g.: George Washington University, or Library of Congress, not Washington, D.C.)
  • Must be signed by department chair and student's faculty advisor
  • Student must submit a separate petition for each quarter. Eligibility is the following:
    • Up to 3 quarters for master's and graduate professional students.
    • Up to 6 quarters for academic doctoral students.
  • In Absentia FAQ (PDF)

To petition, go to In Absentia Application.

Graduate Coordinators may request academic forms by calling the Academic Affairs Assistant at 858-822-2244.