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Filing Deadlines and Participation in Commencement

Filing between Quarters (General Petition)

  • Students will pay a filing fee if completing between quarters.
  • Degree will be conferred at the end of the following quarter.

Filing Deadlines

The deadlines for filing dissertations and theses is on the Friday before the last day of each quarter. Students seeking to meet this deadline must have a preliminary appointment for a formatting check prior to their final appointment and submission of the dissertation or thesis to the Graduate Division. The deadline to file for a summer degree is usually the first Friday in September.

Filing Fee (General Petition)

  • A student registered in the immediately preceding quarter, or on an approved leave of absence who has completed all requirements except the final defense of the dissertation or thesis or taking of the final examination, may petition to pay a filing fee (one half of the Student Services Fee) in lieu of full registration fees.
  • Cashier validated petition must be submitted with student's Final Report form.

Participation in Commencement

UC San Diego conducts one commencement ceremony each year at the end of Spring quarter. Only students who have completed ALL degree requirements, including filing of the thesis or dissertation, may participate in commencement. Students must register to participate in commencement. For more information and to register, please go to the Graduate Division Commencement page.

Summer Degrees

  • Students completing terminal degrees during the Summer and who were enrolled in the previous Spring quarter do not pay any additional fees. 
  • Students completing terminal degrees during the Summer who were on leave of absence in the previous Spring quarter will pay the filing fee for completion and will also need to file a General Petition to complete between quarters.
  • Continuing Ph.D. students who complete a master's degree during the Summer will have the degree awarded in the Fall quarter.
  • The Summer degree deadline is the last Friday of Summer Session II (usually in early September).