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Communication Skill Development

Communicating Your Research

This intensive four-day workshop will enhance participants’ abilities to vividly articulate their research and inspire audiences. Participants will incorporate storytelling, metaphor and gestures while practicing innovative communication of their research.  During the final day of the workshop, participants will be filmed by an expert interviewer and camera crew in a setting that resembles a professional media capture environment.

Participants must commit to all four workshop days in order to fully benefit in the development of inspiring research skills. It is essential they check their schedule and receive permission from their PI or other academic supervisor. Priority will be given to applicants who certify in advance that they will commit to the full four days without conflicts.


The workshop helped me look at my research in a different way, in a different space, and with an expanded view.
I am more confident about speaking in front of a large group of diverse academics, as well as a broader audience. I have enhanced my ability to engage my audience by incorporating metaphor, personal stories, intonation, and gesture. All of which were powerful.
I have learned to communicate across disciplines. I have been reminded of the importance of my research and my passion for it. I have also gained skills that will help me be a better teacher.

Our next workshop offering will be Tuesday, June 26 to Friday, June 29, 2018.  The application period is closed.