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Ford Foundation and Hertz Foundation Fellowships

Students may apply for these fellowships directly; they do not need to go through the Graduate Division. However, students who would like assistance in preparing their applications may contact the Graduate Fellowship Advisor at 858-822-2938 or gradadvisor@ucsd.edu.

Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation offers pre-doctoral (3 year), dissertation (1 year), and post-doctoral (1 year) fellowships. Applicants must be US citizens or nationals who show superior academic achievement and a commitment to teaching and research at the college or university level. Applicants must also show a commitment to diversity in education. The application deadline is in the second half of November.

Hertz Foundation

The Hertz Foundation offers five-year fellowships for 'students of the applied physical, biological and engineering sciences who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America, and who are willing to morally commit to make their skills available to the United States in time of national emergency.' The application deadline is in early November.

Please Note: The Graduate Division cannot assume responsibility for errors in the applicant's submission. We will do our best to review the format of your proposal; however final responsibility for format, content, and completeness rests with the applicant.