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Selection Criteria

The UC LEADS program identifies students who have:

  • Experienced educational barriers to their academic progress, or who express a commitment to address the barriers that prevent participation of the students from underrepresentated groups in graduate academic programs.
  • Experienced situations or conditions that impacted their advancement or ability to advance in a STEM field (e.g. the absence of a role model in the STEM field, absence of a family member who received a four-year college degree or graduation from a high school with poor financial or curricular support).
  • Leadership potential that address the issues of underrepresentation of domestic minorities in the STEM fields.
  • The potential to gain the personal and multicultural competency to address the needs of a diverse State and global community through science and technology.

To be eligible for selection, applicants must be:

  • Enrolled at UC San Diego in an undergraduate degree program in sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics;
  • On track to receive a bachelor’s degree at the conclusion of the second year of the UC LEADS program (i.e. should apply prior to junior year or prior to the fourth year if on a five-year plan);
  • In good academic standing in an undergraduate degree program;
  • Able to demonstrate potential for success in a graduate program; and,
  • US Citizens, permanent residents of the United States, and AB 540.

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